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Thomas Priest sets his goals high via new EP

Thomas Priest sets his goals high and achieves them with purpose on his new EP, Wake Up Call with singer, Lindsay Mac, featured on one of its best tracks. This is today’s rock at it’s youthful best with five tracks to prove it, with the only thing left desired is more where it came from. This is not the run of the mill, but it can sometimes be easy to miss that with music discovery being what it is. You have to look for the diamonds in the rough, and this is one of 2019’s good contenders for a hit record.

“Wake Up Call” is the first of five songs which all compete for the top spot, but it comes in either first or second, if you’re stacking them up this way. If not, it has-to take the overall cake for everything from inspiration to dynamics in rounding out this perfect track. The guitar and bass lines prepare for the voice of Priest which picks up in the hypnotically energetic chorus content. You’re tapping your toe within seconds and even scratching your head about where the EP heads after this vibrantly amazing tune with just the right time signatures included.

Looking in the right places and making sure not to miss anything is what it’s all about, and the force of singing and playing both come together on “Safe Tonight” with Lindsay Mac helping seal the deal. This is something you don’t get every day, as they sing so well together in every way. I was blown away by the intertwining efforts of the two to sound totally transparent together. If you hear this song and can’t feel what I’m saying, you’re missing the entire picture. Everything from the musicianship to the production wins, and this is only the second track.

After being slightly reminded of Jack White on the former track, the speed picks way on the following number, “Distant Memory” holds the entire EP together with a huge song worth delving into with blinders on. The pop influence might be heavy throughout these songs, but they’re of a harder nature when you break it all down. But this is a track where the EP can also be measured, for sure, as it enters and exits with just the right bombast. Make sure to play to this one with the volume set to maximum for the best listening results.

The EP slows back down a little on “Ignorance,” but it’s still full of a consistent delivery of enjoyable melodies and superior vocals. And it’s those vocals which carry the song all the way, but it’s not without some great music arranging that keeps you wanting to hear more. It’s just wedged between the more showcased numbers, unless of course you separate it from the closing number. “What Do We Do” asks healthy questions about the next steps to take with whomever we’re with, before it gets more even social political and once again with you over. It’s a consensus to me that Thomas Priest is going somewhere, and I’ll be following his future releases.

Mindy McCall



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