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“right place, at the right time” by MkX

In his latest single, “right place, at the right time,” eclectic songwriter and beat wizard MkX experiments with a patchwork of influences that span surrealism, minimalism, urban poetry and introspective philosophy in what has the look and feel of a smash single if I’ve ever heard one before. “right place, at the right time” has all the hallmarks of an iconic pop song with literally none of the plasticized attributes that most of us have come to associate with the major label-produced mainstream in the late-2010s, and even if it doesn’t embody the same clubby mojo that some of MkX’s biggest releases have, it doesn’t have to – this is a composition with its own unique identity. It’s riddled with the kind of contradictions that would cause most critics to relegate it to the indie pop/rock category without thinking twice, but if we listen closely enough, the calculated nature of the song is rather beautiful and difficult to brand with such a basic terminology. MkX means business here, and he brought out the big guns in-studio to prove it.

The lyrics in “right place, at the right time” are accessible to any listener, new or old, but I really don’t think that they’re the biggest draw here – that coveted title belongs to the centerpiece harmonies carrying every word cascading from MkX’s lips. Right from the get-go in this song, we’re pushed to the edge of our seats by the entwining instrumental hum matching up with the bitter sting of the vocal.

There’s never a moment where our star hesitates or shows the least bit of incompetence at the microphone; he’s a powerhouse from start to finish, leaving a trail of reverberated rhythm in his path that is as addictive as a Schedule-I narcotic. Though I wouldn’t have put as much of a glaze on the synths, they still sound pretty elasticized and flexible to the beat of the drums and bassline. Regardless of how many times I listen to this track, I walk away feeling empowered by its romantic melodies and the chemistry that the players create when jamming to the same beat every single time.

Whether you’re a longtime fanatic or a first-time novice interested in finding out more about who MkX is, you would be best to consider “right place, at the right time” required listening this September 13th. I would expect that it will probably get a remix before the holiday season, but whether it does or not, I can see DJs totally eating up its glorious grooves as those hot nights on the dancefloor slowly turn to chilly autumn mornings. Along with the similarly intrepid Hazey Eyes, Sherman de Vries and Trevor Drury, MkX is finding new and enduring ways of getting physical, emotional and spiritual reactions out of his listeners in songs like “right place, at the right time,” and if there were any onlookers who were still unsure of whether or not his meteoric popularity was but a fleeting trend, they should be effectively silenced once this track finds some regular airplay around the world.

Mindy McCall



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