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Reed Stewart release new music

Melodic noise served medium rare – this is the best way to breakdown “Invading My Space,” the new single from Reed Stewart, whose latest release comes to us with a filtered abrasiveness otherwise missing from the indie rock spectrum this month. Right from the get-go, “Invading My Space” does everything that its name would suggest it could and more by employing a gritty, super-physical master mix in its mission to shake our nerves to the very core. Sonically soothing and yet hauntingly anti-harmonic, Stewart’s newest single is one that I wouldn’t recommend to the faint of heart, but definitely a track that I deem highly credible and engaging for those with a refined palate.


The bassline is probably the most fascinating of all the instrumental components in “Invading My Space,” but not because of its organic tonality alone. Everything is structured around its plodding groove, and even when the drums are brutalizing everything that gets in their path during the first quarter of the song, it remains a steady element in the framework of the rhythm. This arrangement definitely makes the song a stimulating spin (be it a very involved one) all by itself, but without the superb quality of the master mix, I don’t know that we would be able to appreciate it to the degree that we are in this current state.


This is by far one of the more balanced production styles I’ve reviewed in the last few months, and you don’t even have to be the biggest fan of avant-garde music to enjoy its impressive depth of technique. Nothing is competing for our attention in this single – from the percussion to the bass, vocals and the oft-flustered keys, every instrument gets a share of the mix, creating an irresistible vortex of sound that is hard for even the most discriminating of critics to dismiss as inaccessible.

I would really like to hear Reed Stewart explore the freeform composition approach he’s taking here even more in future recordings. He’s already established himself as an artist who is more than willing to try the untried, even when it would seem prudent to do the exact opposite for most musicians in his position, but if he can tap into the potential he’s exhibiting in “Invading My Space” just a touch more than his rivals have been in recent times, I think he would easily attract a lot more mainstream praise than some would expect him to.

“Invading My Space” is an exceptional addition to a budding discography of dirges and brilliantly dissonant jams, and if you haven’t already taken the time to hear the music of Reed Stewart this year, I think this song is good jumping-off point for sure. Stewart is still coming into his own, but if this is as fair an embodiment of his style as I believe it to be, I would expect his music to make a lot more headlines in the future. He’s making one heck of a statement about himself in this track, and it’s one that audiophiles will definitely want to take note of before 2019 expires.

Mindy McCall



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