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Swigga Geovanni releases DMLY (PREMIERE)

Brooklyn’s Swigga Geovanni is an emerging musical talent making bi-coastal waves with the release of his latest single “DMLY (Daddy Mi Love You)”. It’s the first salvo in what promises to be a formidable career and there’s a songwriting perspective at work here quite individual and unlike anything else currently moving through the popular music world. There’s a mounting promotional campaign propelling Geovanni’s name and music into prominence but, unlike many of his peers and contemporaries, there’s genuine substance here to push rather than the public relations gloss dominating the day. This key ingredient is full evidence during “DMLY (Daddy Mi Love You)” and helps it crackle with a level of authenticity often lacking in modern music.


The single has an understated reggae styled clip that will win over many listeners. The source of this sound is present in his vocal delivery instead of the musical arrangement; the music has much more of a traditional hip hop vibe. Geovanni’s voice is a good fit for this sort of texture while proving adept at stylistic crossover. His voice percolates with effortless charisma and never requires any post-production trickery to get over with listeners. Instead, Geovanni manifests a presence in the center of the song that’s undeniable and difficult to forget. He does a particularly exceptional job with the song’s refrain and manages to give it a slightly different spin with each run through.

The lyrical content is time-tested, yet unique. Geovanni writes in a plain-spoken conversational style and exhibits confidence as well as surprising layers of vulnerability. The confidence brims over from the first but never assumes strident proportions; there’s a measured tone to his attitude far different than we hear from his chest-thumping contemporaries. Geovanni attacks the lyrics with intense rhythmic phrasing that strikes a strong percussive note for the performance. The thumping bass pulse bubbling from the song’s core creates an undeniable synergy with his vocal.

Other aspects of the arrangement stand out as well. There is a reggae influence threaded through the song, but it has a convincing funk bite as well without ever sounding clichéd. This component of the track’s appeal is all the more effective thanks to the focused running time. “DMLY (Daddy Mi Love You)” is three minutes sixteen seconds total and doesn’t have any wasted motion – every element of the song is devoted to dual central points of entertaining listeners and making a substantive personal statement.

Swigga Geovanni’s “DMLY (Daddy Mi Love You)” is an impressive single that’s certain to draw much attention to the Brooklyn born performer’s talents and should build his reputation on a national rather than regional level. He has a real personal voice but likewise possesses the natural instincts of an entertainer. His skills are such that the track will draw attention from a vast spectrum of music listeners while appealing to a core audience Geovanni is clearly aiming for. Geovanni is a performer with the necessary staying power to remain a force on the music scene for years to come.

Mindy McCall



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