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Interview: Kendall Rucks

Hello, Kendall, please tell us more about your new release, Blood Money and the inspirations behind the music you are currently working on

Blood Money is my baby! It’s the first release in a string of new releases to come that I am so passionate about. The music that I’m creating has me excited and a little nervous, I love to push boundaries and norms and this new music will definitely do the both of those things. I think it will resonate with many and overall, raise some eyebrows. Which – I’m more than happy about!

What have been your greatest achievements in the music industry so far?

Definitely some of my greatest moments are in the live shows I’ve played! It makes me feel beyond proud to see people having fun and loving the music – It’s a feeling that’s greater than myself. I also think finally getting this music out into the world will be a big milestone for me.  I have tons of unreleased music so this next year is gonna be a fun ride as everything starts getting released.  It’s been such an on going process – for it to finally all see the light of a day will be an achievement in itself lol.

Tour plans for 2020? 

We’re still working on the dates and locations but it looks like it’s gonna be a West Coast Tour soon!!  Stay tuned 😉

Your personal style and musical styling is extremely unique and original.  Who are your style and musical icons? 

I think grunge music and blues have had a huge influence on the way I write and the melodies I construct. There is a running joke in my band that I live in A-minor and 6/8th rhythm. And it’s true! Artists like Nirvana, Mudhoney, Fiona Apple, Nina Simone, Mazzy Star, and Tori Amos all have inspired me greatly. Film composers such as Thomas Newmans’ work and Jon Brion as well.

Will your new music releases be available on Vinyl? 

I’d love to in the future, but no plans as of yet.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers today about your next moves? 

Sleep with one eye open, I’m comin for U. Hahaha

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Kendall Rucks

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