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IndiePulse Reviews: Throw Yourself Inside by Bleek Noir

Christopher Fox, native of the UK is a artist with a dark secret, one that shies from the light of day, yet thrives in the dark and shadowed alleys of a Gothic English Empire. Under the moniker of Bleek Noir armed with his wit and a guitar that raises the veil between worlds, he is the night. The music of Bleek Noir has been and continues to be enticing and hypnotic, and his latest offering into the darkness within, Throw Yourself Inside, is his most exciting and thrilling album yet.

Throw Yourself Inside points an ugly finger at a whole new sound for Bleek Noir. A more traditional recording process, and done in a traditional studio setting (a first for Bleek Noir), gone are the electronic elements that once drove Bleek Noir releases. He has adopted a more acoustic template, but his style is energized and invigorated, lyrically, he has grown by leaps and bounds, while listening to this album, by son said “He sounds like an Evil Elvis”… but listening to his words it is as if he speaks to you directly, mounting up to face the fears of this cold and dark world, taking it all and whirling it into a force to be respected.


Starting with the opening track Safe, this song is a wild and phantasmal sark, winding you up from the start , I imaging wandering the Victorian streets looking for safe haven, but is it to find shelter, or to find a new source of mayhem. The 2nd track Don’t Stay Away, I envision a man sitting in a huge study, looking into the night and a raven tapping at the window… a Jekyll and Hyde melody, or House of Usher, a man alone with his dark thoughts.

Mid album, I Don’t Remember, is a song of master and servant, swapping places, which are you, and which would you rather be. I know you must be thinking I take a very dark romantic view of Bleek Noir’s music, but it speaks to me, we all love a good scare, the thoughts of a Halloween Town and The Pumpkin King. Come Have At Me is a fun and mad camp song, he frolics on his fretboard with a beat that is a pied piper song, beckoning you to join the Circus side Show.

But, it is his last track on Throw Yourself Inside that is truly amazing I Have Come To You By Railroad, it is a slower tempo and unlike any of Bleek’s past triumphs, it is soft, slow, low and loving, yes… a Gothic Love Song,  one looking for redemption after a life of sin, looking into the eyes and heart of the only one that makes life worth living… “Ill come to you by railroad baby, after I’ve got up off the tracks”.

Again, the work of Bleek Noir has a very special place with us here at IndiePulse, Christopher Fox has created music that is for us, the freaks and Geeks, the Sideshow rejects and the phantoms trapped within a work that understands us not, he is the voice that leads us to our sinful salvations and creates a sound that is the darkness that cradles us and holds us in loving slumber, away from prying eyes and pointed fingers.


Remember when all seems Bleek, then its going to be just fine and Randy






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