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Rob Alexander delivers wonderful chemistry via new Single

Rob Alexander has been making a lot of headlines in the indie press lately, and it’s not hard to understand why when taking even the most cursory looks at his new single “Never Gonna Let You Go” and album Being Myself. In classic Rob Alexander fashion, he applies his one of a kind musicianship to an iconic style of pop balladry in “Never Gonna Get You Go,” thus yielding a performance that is both familiar and highly unpredictable, especially when compared to some of the lackluster content coming out of the underground in 2019. Fans of pop, R&B, adult contemporary and crossover soft rock won’t want to miss out on this white-hot release, which boasts more harmonies than most any other track I’ve praised this season.

You can tell Alexander is really invested in everything that he’s singing here. There’s no hesitation in his execution, and any reticence that we find in his vocal is a direct reflection of whatever exposed lyric he happens to be crooning in that particular moment. He’s got a proven way with words, and while that’s always one of the main points of interest in a Rob Alexander song, it’s not the sole reason why “Never Gonna Let You Go” works as a ballad and as a slow pop groove anthem. He’s spreading out the melodicism across the whole of the mix, and by sharing the spotlight with the other elements in the single, he sounds not only more commanding but a heck of a lot more accessible to casual fans and pop enthusiasts alike.


Alexander has a wonderful chemistry with the backing band in Being Myself, but there’s no dispute as to who the true star of the show is in “Never Gonna Let You Go.” His voice sparkles in the chorus, and though the mix is polished to have a somewhat radio-friendly finish, it’s clear even to the most novice of critics that the EQ isn’t bolstering his verse at all – this performance is 100% him. This is an artist who simply has no time for the plasticized dribble that a lot of singer/songwriters would fill their albums with. He’s got too much to express to us, and if that’s some sort of a crime, he’s straight up committing a felony in this track.

I’m only just now getting into his deeper discography, but “Never Gonna Let You Go” has made me very interested in hearing more from Rob Alexander in the New Year. He’s got no qualms about ignoring genre parameters without rebelling against a traditional style of rhythm and rhyme that transcends the contemporary/old school debate altogether, and unfortunately, this is something that’s awfully difficult to come by nowadays. Alexander is a rare find if there ever was one, and as long as he continues to create music with as much heart and soul as he has in Being Myself and “Never Gonna Let You Go,” he and his impeccable voice are going to be around in this business for a very long time to come.

Mindy McCall



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