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“Santa Don’t Pass Me By” by Tanille

If you listen to “Santa Don’t Pass Me By,” by Tanille, you’ll be transported back to when Christmas songs were good enough to get on the charts as the originals they were, because they were flat out good enough to. This is of course opposed to the older standards we all know and have for over 50 years running. A track with this much impact is not something I’d expect to hear when reaching for the holiday stuff at anytime in the last ten years, and I would also think for years to come. Tanille has raised the bar that high, or I’m mistaken.


If this is only accidentally good, then Tanille has world domination on the menu, because “Santa Don’t Pass Me By” is nothing if not a hit record and even stands up beyond Christmas time without question. I’m not even a fan of Christmas music since the old classics were recorded and embedded into society, so this is like a breath of fresh air that smokes most attempts at it. I’m not saying it’s the best Christmas song you’ll ever hear, but it’s many miles from the worst, and it’s as good in its own-right as any Christmas song I’ve ever known.

That’s saying a lot but I found Tanille Edwards to live up to her material and not just have a fluke song that’s accidentally good. There’s much more behind it, so it’s worth mentioning that it isn’t her first release and it’s all out there for the fans who appreciate more than just a single. Being a novelist, she is no new-comer to writing, and the gift of songwriting is not quite the same but the two combined are a lethal combo and that could be why I hadn’t heard of her until now.

I’m always fascinated when something this good comes out of nowhere, but Tanille hasn’t exactly been hiding, I’m just glad to finally be able to discover her talents. “Santa Don’t Pass Me By” is a good place to start but this is an artist with a future and that’s not just guess work, it’s an easy prediction. I like this song and everything she has to offer as an artist, it’s all very inspiring and over the top good and I’m only just getting used to it. I liked it so much I searched up the video and found that so many like it I’m not alone in this opinion.


The last thing anyone wants to hear is a boring Christmas song, and boring is no way to describe the excellence going on in “Santa Don’t Pass Me By.” You can take it playful or seriously and still get qual enjoyment out of a Christmas song for once. And the best thing of all is you either already know what a particularly great artist Tanille is, or you will after you get this single. There’s an overall jubilance about it that draws you in and keeps you there, created by the soulful Pop sensibilities of a truly good songwriter.

Mindy McCall



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