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The LIBERATING Sounds of Cassandra Jewel

Your single Battle is extremely powerful. What was it like to write this song?  

Writing Battle was liberating. It was so much of what I was feeling and going through at the time that it was written. It felt so good to let it out. It still feels so good. The song had changed and evolved from what it originally was from the very very beginning as well. My producer Jedstarrr and I actually wrote part of the song together. I remember expressing to him a lot of the lyrics I had already written and explaining what Battle needed to be as a whole. Jed was able to bring some lyrics to life that I was struggling to explain clearly. He channeled me. He literally said “Cass, I just thought about you and whats been going on and channeled you.” It was perfection. Sometimes you absolutely need someone else’s mind. It helps.

What makes you feel most inspired when you are writing music? 

I feel inspired in many ways. I mean it changes upon the day. I can be feeling absolutely down in the dumps feeling dark as hell and write one of the best songs of my life. Well that’s happened so theres that. A lot of my favorite songs (especially on my EP) have come from when I was feeling a bit darker. I also would see how when I would write from that place and allow myself to express truthfully what I was feeling, I would come out the other end feeling much more in the light. I was facing myself and what was going on ya know? I am not saying to wallow in that feeling (which of course I would do- I do my best to not do that anymore) but I was addressing what was going on within myself. What I do know is when we address our shadows and don’t dismiss them, when we face them, healing will take place. Writing music keeps me sane, helps me take my power back and always heals. And of course I have written and do write when I am feeling up and am in a blissful state. So overall I am inspired by life experiences, challenges and overcoming them while coming out on the other side a stronger, wiser, and more loving person.

Tell us your favorite venue played in 2019?  

My favorite venue I have played in 2019 would be at S.O.B.’S in NYC. It’s legendary and the energy in that place is like no other.

What do you like to do to blow off steam when you’re not on the road?  

To blow off steam? Hike, workout, dance!!!

Absolutely. My next single is called HYMN. You will have never heard anything like this song until you hear it. It is very special and is going to be a game changer. When I was creating this song, I said, “This is it. This is the one.” What I will give away is that it is a song about social media and comparing our lives to people and pictures we see. The song was triggered from a little girl I met on a plane ride who changed my life. What her eyes see is truth. Her perception of the world is pure. Her light and knowing changed my life.

You have another single coming out soon – anything you would like to share with us?   

MY EP!!! Eccentric, movie like vibes. My music has a soul-trap and trance feel. There is a lot of emotion, and personal lyrics about my own life experiences, and struggles that I am sure many of us relate to. This EP is a story. It is a journey from struggle to healing.

Where can we find you on social media and follow all of your new happenings?  

YOUTUBE: cassandra jewel – YouTube

SPOTIFY: Cassandra Jewel

INSTAGRAM: @cassandrajewel_



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