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DAYEATER brings “Nightmare”

Austin, TX based DAYEATER brings “Nightmare” to the table for lovers of their psychedelic trio sound which comes out of left field for me, but the fans always know their way around a band and this is a release that begged me to discover all their work to get a better perspective of their brand. I could introduce them all day long but they’re playing to their own and that’s no stretch of the imagination so it’s best to start anywhere but not miss this this over the top track and video because it goes a step beyond their usual pretty short running time.

This song is not exactly reminiscent of the 70s, but the length of it is, because although 50 years ago it was in vogue to record long tracks and just do radio edits but today it’s not an abundant trend. If you like long songs, this is for you because it actually-goes by quickly, so you get the best of both worlds. And to give some insight about this band, they’re a power trio with a one-handed guitar player. I’ve actually-witnessed a one-handed guitar player in action myself, so I was immediately interested to hear and see Jesse Lee play.

If you’re into psychedelic music, that doesn’t mean you’ll find them to be only of that style, as they incorporate progressive and classic rock inflections in their music. It’s very hard driving but not too hardcore for the masses, and that’s just one way to describe them. I’m just passing along what I’ve seen so far, and it’s worth it to explore their music and find more than “Nightmare” as well. I like everything about this single and video, and there’s some camp thrills about DAYEATER that keep it playful instead of the serious doom going around with hard rock.

At first, I had to set aside time to absorb the track and twice the time by watching the video, but it’s time well worth spending and the release worth the price of admission. That is to-say it’s worth picking up without searching up and sampling first and it’s hard to find great gems in the rough without doing that unless you’re seeing the band before partaking in any of their music. But the song itself is one that builds from layer to layer and the video combines a storyline with stage performing during the aggressive parts.

By the time you’re three quarters into “Nightmare” there is no turning back on it, and DAYEATER win your attention and it’s up to you to stay with it and you won’t be disappointed. At least that is a brief description of the effect anyway, and who doesn’t like that at the end of a song. This is also a video that works wonders for the song and meets the needs of the music and you can’t deny it and the band once your time is invested. After all, it only takes three listens to burn a half an hour, and I’ve heard it many times and will again.

Mindy McCall



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