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“Bright Colors” from Liquid Phase

Imagine having the opportunity to perform in Paul Simon’s own home studio. Imagine having the opportunity to work alongside Edie Brickell. Imagine that for a moment, and now imagine working on the new World Trade Center. What do those have in common? Long Island’s Joe Coss and his band Liquid Phase. The new track “Bright Colors” is out now and the song paints a wonderful world of hues and views. Just look out the window and you will see the beauty in nature and in building memories.


Coss, an electrical engineer who worked on the construction of the new World Trade Center wrote “Bright Colors” from his experience of working on the pivotal project, as well as putting to music his views from going to work each day. Lyrically, “Bright Colors” is a typical pop song, but it really grows on you. The chorus is straightforward and has several repeats: “We sit around and do nothing and see the same bright colors as these walls inside…love to stay awhile.” That last part ‘stay awhile’ made me feel like he was sentimental. Like, as in don’t we all wish we were young and capture those Kodak moments, freeze those moments in time at a beach or at a park. A lot of the lyrics are nature, or outside monuments: “Look West as the sun sets, castle stands in our way, Out East there’s an orange moonrise, radar’s aimed our way.” This line made me think of the times when you saw the sun going down and that meant leaving your friends.

Besides Coss’ exceptional vocals – he’s really so likeable. It’s just an easy fit – there’s nothing pretentious about his delivery or his voice. He could be the guy sitting next to you on the bus, or the fellow patron at a McDonald’s booth. The music bed is much like the sun – it starts out a bit slow. There’s a buildup to this song. Coss gets the song going with this flush acoustic guitar, before the layers of music start to tumble upon each other like adding sand to the sandcastles. Maybe because he’s an engineer, it feels like each stanza is building upon the other the first part is such a solid foundation.

The guitar riffs get sweeter. It’s an overall warm tone. The piano keys dance with the pesky percussion. The world Liquid Phase creates in “Bright Colors” is a world of joy and vibrant memories. Coss splashes his perfect pitch and buttery acoustic guitar riffs into an atmosphere that leaves the listener with endless interpretations and mindset. This is a song for the morning, noon or night. It’s a song that could be sung in every pocket of America. “Bright Colors” reminds us to stop and smell the roses and sing about them to our friends.

Liquid Phase should be celebrated. “Bright Colors” is worthy of 2019’s Best Singles. As they say, “save the best for last.” As the days to this decade wind down, it’s very easy to have an optimistic outlook, this song will help. For those suffering the winter blues already, “Bright Colors” is also an impressionable song that will make you smile just a little.

Mindy McCall



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  1. I think that Mindy McCall is a really great writer, she’s so positive, and to me she shares thoughts that are uplifting and very special. Thanks so much Mindy! Joe

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