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Hong Kong Hike by Baseball Gregg

Samuel Regan and Luca Lovisetto make up the duo, Baseball Gregg. Though based in Stockton, Calif., the two interestingly enough both have roots in Italy. The resulting trans-Atlantic partnership and creative process in “Hong Kong Hike” is an exploratory experience in pop, electronica and layers of unique sounds. It’s very artistic.


“Hong Kong Hike” is from the duo’s new album, Calendar, out February 2020, via La Barberia Records. The song is rich in enigmatic sounds and has a freeing effect. Lyrically, the words are smooth (a tad bit mumbled) and falsetto, which makes it hard to decipher what they are actually saying. This is a bit distracting at times, but overall, after a few listens, the experience becomes more about how the listener feels and how the music moves them. I found this to be the case. I was enthralled by the pureness – it never felt fake or over produced. It’s subtle and lack for a better word, supple with possibilities of filling in the gaps between. It’s not quite organic because there’s not an acoustic guitar riff, but it’s surprisingly light. I think the theme of the song may be lost for some listeners because they can’t understand the lyrics, but for me, I got past it. I really enjoyed the mix of electronic piano keys and the overall movement of the song.

I felt like maybe Regan and Lovisetto’s point is to inspire with the listener their own path and the song becomes like a ‘choose your own adventure’ kind of thing. The idea of a hike can be taken literally, or figuratively the idea of wandering off and finding one’s self. Lyrically, it’s not known if they are referring to a relationship. The vocals are a bit bizarre, yes, but that’s what also makes this song so unique. The more I listened, the more I appreciated this fact.

The music video from “Hong Kong Hike” is much like one would expect – visuals of actual hiking in Hong Kong. Baseball Gregg worked together on filming and editing the video themselves. The comparison of a busy, crowded city then capturing the terrain and even rainy hills and valleys. It’s beautiful. I thought the tempo of the song and the music video were perfectly paced. According to the band’s press release, the music video also includes shots from Moscow. Kudos to the band for getting these out-of-the-way spots!

Owl City fans will dig the ethereal ingenuity. Nothing feels rushed about “Hong Kong Hike” and it’s a refreshing turn for an electro pop music song. I felt numb to the melodic singing and it gave me a new appreciated perspective on the music bed. My thoughts turned to the journey, the layer, happening under the vocal tracks. It felt like a little voice in the back of my head urging me to get up, out from under this desk and see the beauty of the world. Afterall, it’s music that connects us. I think Baseball Gregg is saying this in the very fun “Hong Kong Hike.”

Mindy McCall



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