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How the internet changed music as we know it

Note: Contains Links and References to Adult / Mature Content. NSFW

These are the modern ages, and things are rapidly progressing. That’s mostly because the internet is a thing now, and it’s basically just storage for information and various products. Of course, that includes music, like all other things as well. And with the discovery of the internet, music became a totally different thing. Today, we will be discussing those changes, and if you like that, stick around and read this whole article. We hope you’ll like it, and if you do, you can check out other articles as well.

Back in the before-the-internet-era, music was pretty hard to get. At first, you had tapes, and then you had CDs. And they were pretty limited, so if you didn’t manage to grab one in time… Well, tough luck! If you actually had a friend that had the said CD, you could maybe borrow it. But if even that wasn’t the option, then you had to forget about listening to new music. Some songs appeared on TV alongside their music videos, but that was also a limited source of music. Basically, music was wild, and often unexplored, just like Adult Porn Games today are. Luckily, after the ’90s, that changed, and the internet was widely accessible to the public. Then, slowly, people started sharing songs and music albums as digital files, and you could illegally download them. And, of course, illegal downloading attracted a bunch of lawyers, and it even eventually got its own law. So, illegally obtaining music is now frowned upon in the real world. And with that, various music streaming services appeared. What happened next?

It was just widely accepted! And that’s good. People from all over the world could now listen to music, share it with each other, buy it, and discover new artists quickly. Of course, that has its perks and flaws, like all other things in life. Some perks are that there are now fewer ways to obtain music for free unless you’re from a country that actually tolerates internet piracy. And on the other hand, one of the perks is the fact that it’s easier to discover new music new. You might get a suggestion from Youtube or Soundcloud. Or you might read an article from this site about some new band that actually suits your music taste. Whatever it is, it’s efficient, and it’s also fun, just like Best Sex Games. And like the good old school days, your friend might also tell you about a particular artist. There’s also a modern version of mouth-to-mouth advertisement, which is sending online links in chat boxes and whatnot. So, you can now enjoy various ways of connecting with other people and sharing musical things with them. Now, is that a good thing or not, that’s the question?

Well, people have different opinions, and that’s just the truth. Some people might say that that’s the best thing ever. Those are usually younger people who’ve grown up with the internet for their whole life. Older folks might say that the good old days were better, who knows. But the truth is that there actually is no universal truth. You can relax and enjoy yourself. You can scroll through the endless pages of the internet pursuing new music and discovering new genres and artists. Eventually, your music taste and knowledge will expand so much that it’ll be amazing. It’s just fantastic how in these modern ages, we can actually dedicate ourselves to music and explore it all the time. And still, we can never explore it all. Every day, new musicians surface and publish their music. And maybe it will be the music you’ve ever head, and you don’t even know about it yet. At least another perk of this whole thing is that now everyone who is at least a bit talented can shoot their shot at a musical career. It’s all in the open now, and it’s easy to do it. Just the way it’s easy to play some great XXX Games.

Those are the ways the internet changed the music industry as we know it. Of course, there’s more, and we can debate endlessly, but nobody has the time for that. This article just scratched the surface, and if you would like to do some research, you can do it on our site. We hope you’ll love it, and we hope that it will bring you joy as you discover new different genres and styles of music.



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