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Why independent musicians don’t like to sign with big labels now

Note: Contains Links and References to Adult / Mature Content. NSFW

Like all things in these modern times, music changed as well. And, unfortunately, not in the right way as well. Instead of art, today, music is often just a marketing tool or only business. Instead of putting our efforts into reporting on or creating fantastic music, now we think of it as merely a job. Think of good rhythm, a sweet little melody, and a catchy chorus. Where are wise words in lyrics or instrumentals that make your jaw drop? In this article, we’ll discuss exactly that, so buckle up and read it!

Music is already turned into industry instead of a passion. You get people to write cheap music for you, and then find some mediocre person to sing it and perform it. You have the same three subjects in music, and we all know what these are. Cars, money, drugs, women, and stuff like that. Or, of course, some cheesy song about heartbreak or something similar. Then you get good beats or gentle pop instrumentals that all share the same rhythm. They also enjoy using the same fifteen samples and other things in between. Also, one well-known fact is that usually, the same team of people writes music for like the ten most famous artists in the world right now. And that’s kind of sad. Many bands that started out as something creative or unique ended up becoming utterly bland due to money and massive labels. Music is supposed to be something you do and use for fun, like Free Sex Games. Instead, it really feels robotized and like it doesn’t have a soul. A great example of this very instance is Maroon 5. A band that started out as a fun little rock group with fascinating lyrics. Remember Songs about Jane? Now, wasn’t that a great album? And then you look at Maroon 5 a decade later. What did they become? A pop band, yeah, that’s cool. Pop music actually is pretty damn good, but not when it’s done with the same recipe. And instead of being Maroon 5, now they’re just Adam Levine and Friends, literally. Which pretty much seems unfair to other band members, who want to take a piece of that spotlight.

Plus, how many bands won’t record new music or literally fall apart because of money issues? If you have four members of the group, they function in two ways. They either split the money fair and square, or they turn their music into a business. That means that each band member gets a specific percentage. That’s basically what happened to System of a Down! They had money issues, and now we’re still waiting for a new album, which will most probably never see the light of day. And all of that because of money. But even if you put all of that aside, there’s another major problem. And that’s, of course, the fact that music labels often force artists to go a different direction in their creative process. So all independent artists that actually have some real success refuse to work with music labels now. Just look at all the underground rappers like Pouya, Bones, Shakewell, SuicideboyS, and many other hip hop artists that managed to become successful on their own. They have music that’s raw, passionate, and you can actually sense some emotion behind it. Not to mention great beats and fantastic lyrics. So, when you compare all of that, who has it better? Independent artists that are also having a lot more fun, just like people who enjoy playing Adult Sex Games. And that’s just the way it is in the business now. We wouldn’t be surprised if slowly, with time, record companies stopped existing. Many more artists will realize that this whole independent thing seems a lot better, and they will probably turn to that. There are already rock bands that are doing that as well, as the band Red, for example, you should check their music out as well. They are fantastic proof for what happens when artists take their fate into their own hands.

This was an article about how the music industry changed, and why artists are now choosing to go solo. If you liked it, check our website out! You’ll find many more articles that will surely satisfy you, and you’ll enjoy discovering new artists that we write about along the way as well. So, have fun and stick around for a pleasurable experience!



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