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Happy green & compassionate new year to all Earthlings!

An Open Letter and Announcement from Inanna

Dear allies,

a couple of weeks ago, my new single “Where We Belong” was released on all platforms. It is the third original song, a strongly environmental one, the third piece of the puzzle composing this new music adventure: a musical journey of landscapes and visions of the future, fully dedicated to Nature and animals.

This latest song is an anthem to the Earth, it is about witnessing and acknowledging what is happening around us and within us as a species.

“On Fire” vertical campaign music video, created and directed by Alessandro Bordoni (thank you Alessandro for believing in me), has been shared and praised by several environmental organizations and activists in the environmental and animalist field.

My producer Joshua F. Williams and I are now finishing the last songs for Inanna’s first album, Acrotopia vol.1, which we are planning to release by the end of February or beginning of March. Every song will be dedicated to a different environmental or animalist issue.

This year will be the 50th celebration of Earth Day: expect big concerts, movements & events!
In 2019, like never before, people have gathered all around the world, to stand up for the Earth. I hope that 2020 will bring even more people together, and that real action will be taken, by all of us individually and by governments, to guarantee a prosperous green future for all.


My allies, I have a little favor to ask: would you please subscribe to my YouTube Channel? It takes a second, and if we reach 100 subscribers, we will be able to personalize it. Also, it would be of great help if you could take a moment to like, comment and share the videos! Thank you, it is greatly appreciated!


On December 6th, we played at the Silverlake Lounge, our last gig for 2019.
Dov, violist and Donavon, Middle-Eastern drummer, have joined and enhanced our performance!
More upcoming gigs in the new decade!

With my best wishes for a greener and more compassionate year towards animals, lands and all Earthlings,

Love & Greens , Inanna

 unnamed (2).jpg

One thing unites us all, beyond all our differences: the place where we belong. Our home. Our beautiful planet.

Only in the past 50 years, compared to the 300.000-year-old history of mankind, the levels of pollution, ocean acidification, carbon dioxide emissions, deforestation, animal torture and exploitation, tragic loss of biodiversity have risen to dramatic numbers and, unfortunately, most of the damage is already done and irreversible. But we still have time to help the Earth to recover, we have about 10 years (or much less?) to try to contain the disasters that climate change will bring or the tragic loss of even more species and landscapes.

The time to rise, the time to change, the time to come together is NOW. Not tomorrow, not next year. It’s now.

For the future generations, for the spectacular wonders of Nature that we can help to survive or even bring back.

My voice is just one little one among more than 7 billion voices, but I think that every little voice counts, and I want to make mine heard to encourage, warn, be a witness and give hope.

We are the children of this Earth, and it is our duty and honor to take care of it: an alliance, among all humans, is needed, to save what’s left of our precious home. If I can ever contribute a little to bringing you together for this cause, my goal will be fulfilled.

Whatever you do today makes a difference, every action contains the breath of eternity and the strength of the moment. Honor it with me!





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