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This Time releases new LP

“Around,” the first song that we hear in the new record from This Time, titled Two, swells from the silence with a fuzz-soaked guitar sprinkled with elegant melodicism. It’s a rather quiet way of starting up an LP that has more rock than roll in its contents, but as it fades away and the single “Runaway” takes its spot in the speakers, we begin to hear what This Time can really do when they’ve got the pedal pressed to the floor. “Runaway” drags us asunder with a supple bassline and a screaming guitar part that will linger on in the air long after its harmonies have ceased to burn, and despite its short length (just under three minutes), it serves as the most elaborate track here.


“Be Somebody” is basically an extended jam session made up of the leftovers from the lead single in Two, but along with the mathy “Something About,” it transitions us into the meat and potatoes of the LP’s midsection perfectly. “Solace Unexpected” is the most physical song on the album, but its brawn doesn’t somehow dwarf the Pixies-inspired strut of “Right in Front of You” at all – which, when stripping these Two tracks down to their nuts and bolts, is no easy feat to pull off.

More guitar theatrics come pouring out of the stereo in “Caught You in Love” before making a little space for the sprawling “Street Walking Blues” to showcase the harmonic abilities of This Time in all of their multifaceted glory. “Street Walking Blues” was my second fav from Two, after “Runaway,” because of its moody sway, which is slightly replicated in “The Turnaround” with a more feverish gallop to drive its percussion. This Time have a good procedural approach to songwriting, and if that wasn’t clear before, it certainly is after hearing this album.

An acoustic guitar volley in “Mother’s Son” takes us into the closing credits of Two softly and gently, but even though the record finishes up a lot subtler than it starts, it actually sounds kind of fitting at the end of all the rock carnage that comes before it. I wasn’t listening to This Time before picking up this LP just over the past weekend, but if this release offers us any indication as to what their sound is going to consist of in the 2020’s, I plan on staying tuned for more without a doubt.

Mindy McCall



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