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Exclusive Interview with Ryan Rosoff

Thank you for your time today! We know you have been in the music scene for a while, but can you give us the short version of where you started and how you got to where you are now?

Little King was formed waaaaaay back in 1996, and we recorded our first record called Transmountain (that no one gets to hear but my family and a few unlucky fans). I actually graduated from college, turned 25, and released the record at a CD release party all within 24 hours. It was a helluva weekend.

I always wanted to stay consistent with the release of Little King albums. But back in the day, I thought “consistency” would be an album and a tour every year or 2. Little did I know it actually meant every 4 to 5 years. But I am grateful for all of the support and opportunities throughout the last 23 years, and the momentum now is clearly the best it’s every been. I think, looking back at our whole catalog, the story is resonating with people. A lot of our fans weren’t even born when that first album was released!

We heard that you are releasing new music! Tell us in 5 words or less the vibe of your new music!

Dynamic Melodic Thinking People’s Rock

Do you plan on going on tour this year for your new release? Will we get to hear some older material mixed in too?

We are in the process of rehearsing for tour right now! Our drummer, Eddy Garcia, also has a Texas Metal band called Pissing Razors (he has also played with Ministry and Overkill…dude is a monster) and they are gonna tour as well, so we are working on dates around his schedule. But YES…we will be on the road for a good chunk of 2020.

I have been going through the older material, and we will definitely be playing 1 or 2 songs from each album. It’s been a lot of fun to go back and listen to the older albums!  They strike me differently then they did back in the day…some are more relevant now than when I wrote them, and some are like, “What the hell was I thinking?” But there are few, “Collateral Damage” from Legacy of Fools, “Bloodline” from Time Extension, and “Happy Home” from OD1 that really resonate more than ever. So I am sure they’ll make the cut!

Speaking of performing, do you ever get stage freight or anxiety before performing? If so, how do you combat it?

I do!  Used to, anyway…less now.  I am used to making an ass out of myself now after all these year, so I just roll with it. But yeah…and I would always just breathe evenly and pretend that I was on my couch rehearsing. And whisky. That helped!

Okay, if we were in the car riding with you, what would we hear coming out of the speakers?

Great Question!  I am currently driving from LA to San Diego doing some biz, and I was listening to David Byrne’s newest album, American Utopia. Saw him live last year in New Jersey and it was INCREDIBLE!  Also had on Sun Kil Moon, Allah Las, and Steely Dan. I drive the shotgun rider in my car insane.

Now where can we find you on IG and buy your music?

Sure…all of the last 5 records are available on our CD Baby store at FOLK (“Friends Of Little King”) can find us @littlekingtunes for both FB and IG, and our web site is

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