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Pop duo, Baseball Gregg hits one out of the park!

Pop duo, Baseball Gregg scores again with its latest single, “The Movies”. Featuring Pecas and William Corduroy, the two fellas, Luca Lovisetto and Samuel Regan combine dreamy, melodic keys with intricate guitar work. Sounding much like a lovely night and feeling like a floating dream, “The Movies” is a simple, yet exquisite excuse to drift away and take in the subtleties of indie rock.

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Releasing music since 2014, Baseball Gregg decided to take “a different approach to recording and releasing music, publishing each month a new single with many friends and guests. These songs will be compiled into an album, titled Calendar (2020), which will slowly unfold until the project will be finished at the end of the year,” the band said in its press biography. “The Movies” is the first out of the gate in 2020, and lyrically, it’s silky music bed is elevated from its quick to pick-up lyrics:  Forever thankful that I went / To the movies on that fateful/ Day / I think of all the fun we’ll have / Together before all our time/ Is spent” as the song continues lyrics like “That’s when my life first felt complete” give it a bit of an ‘awe’ factor. What’s so apparent in “The Movies” and a previous track like 2019’s “Hong Kong Hike” is the imagery Baseball Gregg presents to the listener. The listener feels very connected to the story and the interchangeable characters thrown up on them. There’s an instant rapport.

The music bed to “The Movies” is modern sounding and quirky. The guitar comes in just about midway point and it’s more like it’s in conversation with the synth keys. The guitar isn’t the main character in this song. Mood wise, the overall vibe is so chill and a veil of happiness and calm overtake the listener. It’s the feeling of ‘this is how it should be.’ It’s a summer day and all is right in the world sort of feeling. Baseball Gregg showcase a modern love story and at the same time a vulnerable, butterflies in the stomach nerves through the music bed. It’s like wrapping all those excited, first love feelings mixed with deep breaths and feeling like one is at the top of a mountain all-at-once. Perhaps the guitar sputtering about in the near end part of the song represents the hesitation and awkwardness. It works.

Baseball Gregg are an exciting duo, that’s for sure. Based in Stockton, California, via Bologna, Italy, Lovisetto and Regan have channeled a widespread feeling into a nice single in “The Movies”. It’s exciting in that it feels like a blossoming flower and the energy is so subtle and extremely present. This song begs to be listened to and it’s a sure fire hit for fans of The Killers, Air, Phoenix and even Beck. Deliciously airy and light, “The Movies” creates a picture of a lasting memory and even deeper connection with its sound. Give this one two thumbs up and add to your Spotify list for songs that make you feel right.

Mindy McCall



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