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Scott Celani Band’s new single “Home”

Rising from the silence in a misty cloud of melodies, we discover the first few bars of Scott Celani Band’s new single “Home,” but for as captivating an introduction as they create for Celani’s latest melodic masterpiece, they break us off only a bite-sized sample of what’s to come around the next bend in the song. Without skipping a beat, the man of the hour enters the mix with a delicate lead vocal that will seamlessly join with the instrumentation in the background to create a harmony as big as they come, and through the first stanza of lyrics that we encounter, it becomes impossible to deny that this is very much Scott Celani at the most honest and humble we’ve ever heard him.

With a nimble agility, “Home” starts to pick up the pace faster than some will be able to keep up with, but when this singer is cutting through the sonic ribbonry with his voice, it doesn’t matter how volatile his backing band is – all of our attention and focus is being directed towards him from one verse to the next. There’s something to be said about a frontman that has the kind of presence Scott Celani does in 2020, because for the most part, the equilibrium concept has more than taken over most solo vehicles-stylized as groups. There’s never any question as to who the true star of this show is, and that only adds to the swaggering intensity of every word we hear in this single.

This isn’t the most poetic track that Scott Celani has ever penned, but he doesn’t really require a lot of superior linguistics to get his narrative across to us in “Home;” for this, he both calls upon his band and relies on the vitality-laced tonality of his own voice to give us all the emotional context we need to understand. He’s taking a page from the classic rock playbook in this aspect of the single, but it doesn’t feel like a throwback nor a direct homage to any one specific group or artist over another. Celani isn’t about rejecting the mark of his influences, but he’s staying true to his own formulas here, which is a combination that is becoming increasingly harder to find in American pop music these days.

“Home” comes to a jagged-edged conclusion marred in overdrive and a steamy harmony that trails off into the night sky like a trail behind a meteor, and though it’s one of the longer pop tunes I’ve reviewed this February at almost four minutes in length, it feels like a solid, streamlined rocker with all the right faceting to appeal to both the radio audience and serious listeners this late winter season. Scott Celani Band, perhaps better referred to as the Scott Celani Band, are doing some awesome things in the studio at the moment, and with all of the experience that their leader brings to the table, they’re making 100% sure to exploit every melodic spark for all it’s worth – which, to be perfectly honest, is something we should be commending right now.

Mindy McCall



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