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“The Song Inside You” from Nashville’s Paul Childers

Just in time for Cupid’s birthday and the unleashing of love and happy thoughts comes the new track “The Song Inside You” from Nashville’s Paul Childers. The song is from album Secondary Colors. The guitar swaggers, the vocals swoon and the lyrics put you in that pop-groove. Two tracks have been released – “I Got You” and “The Song Inside You”. Both tunes are great representations of an artist with lots of positive energy and on his way to indebting listeners hearts.

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“The Song Inside You” is a sincere love-letter to his fans to believe in themselves. Or perhaps he’s taking from his own experiences of the ups-and-downs of the music industry. He sings “you get pushed and you get pulled in so many different ways, and you forget just who you are and what you’re trying to say…but turn down the noise and you can hear the truth.” What I enjoyed most about these lyrics, and his vocals, are the range. He’s not trying to solve world hunger here – he breaks it down and keeps it simple. His vocals are softer, but he has this likeable tone. You can tell he’s singing from his heart. The bassline and percussion are just perfection. It’s got a solid groove and little bits of keyboards chime in at the right times – this is a band putting the music out there and not relying on a bunch of bells and whistles from the computer.

In the opening stretch to “I Got You” Childers’ gets the vibe started with a Doobie Brothers-esque riff. It really hits that sweet spot. It’s tight enough to the lyrics and Childers’ vocals that the guitar doesn’t feel like an afterthought. Lyrically, Children’s puts his stamp on the track with solid pop-sounding words: your melody I hear it – oh – no matter what the future brings / from poverty to diamond rings – oh darling / just know one thing, I got you girl. Again, the idea that Childers’ really puts in his personality into these tracks keeps shining through. He has a sound and it fits somewhere between pop and slightly R&B. He’s a crooner and there’s a sense that he might even jam out at any point – his music lends itself to letting loose and feeling that vibe. The organ/keys and the steady percussion are just magical additions to his voice and he really brings his game. The more you listen to Childers’ voice the more entranced you become and the lyrics just melt away. His soul really goes on display.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-song-inside-you-single/1494969608

I’m not privy to what the next single Childers’ plans on releasing form Secondary Colors, but I’m confident that any of the 10 other tracks showcase the wide spectrum of musicality that he offers – he’s mixing pop, jazzy drums and R&B musings. I’m hopeful it’s the opening track, “Can You Feel It” with its blends and toe-tapping sparks. Fans of Maroon Five, Adam Levine, Semisonic, Guster, Scottie Miller Band  and more will dig these tracks and more from Secondary Colors.

Mindy McCall



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