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Atlas Cage Of Sky Titan Media On The Eve Of Big New Release: Exclusive Interview

Entrepreneur. Musician. Songwriter. Producer. Visionary. All words that could describe Atlas Cage. The man is a dynamo…never one to be pigeoned into one category. From rock to electro psych pop, and everything under the sun…call him a mad genius, and I’m sure he’ll agree. On the eve of his latest project’s debut single, the Chords Of Eve guru shares some intimate thoughts with us in this EXCLUSIVE interview…

IndiePulseMusic: Thanks for taking the time, Atlas. How has 2020 been treating you?

Atlas Cage: Hey Indie Pulse, thanks for having me. 2020 has been off to a pretty successful start! We have two immediate projects coming out of Sky Titan, Chords Of Eve and Strings of Atlas, and both have been gaining a ton of traction in the press on an international level. We have features in local blogs and magazines, reviews written in the European Indie music network and have been lucky enough to guest spot on several podcasts and radio shows. We have also seen some growth on our youtube channel which hosts our vlog, music videos and even cooking recipes!

On a more personal level, I’ve gotten engaged and have been going through all of the things that come with wedding planning. I feel like I’ve gone through a full year worth of activities and sits only February haha.

You’re on the eve of the release of Chords Of Eve’s first single,”Brightside.”  Any nerves? What are your hopes for this song and Project?

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little nervous. I think every artist, no matter how good your music is, always has a little bit of doubt that it’s going to make the impact you believe it should be making, especially as a DIY indie artist. But I will say, we have been working diligently on this release for the past year, have had some very positive feedback and have the good fortune of working side by side with MTS PR on this project which I think has really primed it to do something big! I hope that this song (and the entire album and it’s accompanying content) is something that people are really going to be able to connect with. I want this project to be far beyond just being a musical release. I hope that it will have an emotional impact and lead to Sky Titan being able to create more ways to build up both our local and our digital community.

If there was one band that you would have loved to be in, aside from your current situation, what band would that be, and why?

This may seem a little non-tradition as a band, but The Blue Man Group. I love the way they combine pre recorded music with live performance, layering and theater. It seems like it’s a different show every night and that everyone who is there to see them is deeply invested in the project as a whole. It takes a ton of skill but also gives you room to be sort of playful with your art. And it’s all so tech oriented! The giant screens and the walls of light all make for an experience that pushes the bounds of how a concert is defined.

How did your eclectic musical style develop over the years?  What bands/artists would your fans be surprised to know that you like listening to?

A lot of my exposure to music has come from friends, family and fans who have something they think I should hear. My heart lies in rock and roll, partly thanks to my mom buying me an electric guitar when I was a kid, and partly because of her large collection of classic rock vinyl. We had everything from Led zeppelin to Ozzy to Billy Idol growing up, and high school exposed me to a lot of punk rock and metal. Then as I moved into college, I began working with producers and rappers, learning about sampling and beat production. I also started helping out student filmmakers and scoring short films or doing foley art.

I think people get a little surprised when they hear the music on my phone. There are artists like Clutch, Audioslave, Six Feet Under, Hank williams jr. III, Tech n9ne, Atmosphere, Frou Frou, Billie Eilish, Air, Pennywise, Aloe Blacc, John Legend. I always want to hear new music. Not that I always like everything I hear but I’m always open to hearing it.

How is the music scene in Austin, TX?  Any live shows coming up for You? 

Our city is full of underrated talent. The artists here are some of the best you will ever find and the genres span so many different cultures and backgrounds. It is also home to some of the country’s largest music festivals and  tech companies, and events merging the two. It hosts events like SXSW, Austin City Limits and various futurist tech summits. With all of that variety and influence you see some really exciting collaboration and creation. We are striving to do something different than what we’ve done in the past (which is write a set list, play at a bar, put out a tip jar and do it again the next night.) Instead, we are working to create a new musical performative experience, so I’ll keep you up to date on that as it unfolds.

What 3 venues would you most like to perform at locally, nationally and internationally?

Locally I would like to play at the Moody theater. I have gone to several shows there and there doesn’t seem to be a bad seat in the house! Primus put on one of my favorites there during their Primus and the Chocolate Factory tour.

Nationally, it would be Radio City music hall in New York. I took a behind the scenes tour of that place about a year back and the stage is amazing. We got to see how all of it was set up, all of the people who have played there and even got to meet one of the rockettes.

Internationally there are so many cool spots. The one that sticks out in my mind right now is the Salt Mines in Krakow, Poland. I love playing in strange and unique places like caves, old power plants, boats and the like. Anything where the venue is as striking as the music sounds like a fun way to greet your audience.

What has been the highlight of your music career so far?

There have been more than a few highlights in the last 15 years, from strapping all of my gear to the hood of an 84 firebird while playing a gig in a tattoo shop parking lot, to playing shows at UT El Paso for a few hundred students, to my first real tour with Strings of Atlas across three states (Texas should count as 5 states as big as it is). But my most recent joy has to be starting Sky Titan. This label has been a long time dream of mine and has done nothing but opened doors for myself and my artists since it started. I’ve been able to network with so many folks already, in the music industry, in the arts, nonprofits and tech companies. If year one is any indication of where this is headed, I am very excited to see where we are in three years!

What advice would you have to offer a young musician, just getting started in the business?

You don’t have to have it all figured out on day one. It’s always good to do your homework, get a feel for what your style is or what you like, learn about those who came before you and keep your mind open to everything. As long as you are actively learning, you are making progress. Never stop.

Any plans for a follow up single to “Brightside” and if so, when do you think you’ll have that ready?  Will there be a music video for the next single?

Oh you know we do! We already have our next single ready to drop on March 27, 2020 called “The Future’s Not What It Used To Be”. And even bigger, we have a music video for it that was filmed on location in the Canary Islands, starring spanish model/dancer Marta González! It was directed by Jonathan Guttmann and is an upbeat, energetic and defiant track with lyrics like “don’t ever let them tell you that you can’t fly”. 

Thanks Atlas! Good luck in 2020.  Any last words you want to share with our readers?

Truthfully I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been giving our art a genuine chance. To the folks who listen to the music, add it to their playlists and share it with their friends, to the blogs and magazines like yourself that are taking the time to talk to us, the radio shows and podcasts for sharing their shows and having a good time and to anyone out there who is sticking with Sky Titan and all of the artists, it means a lot to us. 2020 is just the beginning and we have nowhere to go but up. It’s going to be good.

For more information on Atlas Cage, Sky Titan Media and Chords Of Eve, please visit http://www.skytitanmedia.com.



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