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Frogbelly and Symphony drop new Single/Video

Frogbelly and Symphony have been making some very interesting music in the last few years, and in their new single and music video “Benjamin Went Fishing,” they press the eccentric side of their sound harder than they ever have before. In this track, the band tackles soft folk-rock harmonies with an aggressive rhythmic punch, and where many of their contemporaries have been favoring a more streamlined approach to similarly stylized content, Frogbelly and Symphony openly chase after aesthetical conflict here as if it were about to go extinct. You don’t have to be a longtime supporter to dig what they’ve done in “Benjamin Went Fishing,” but something tells me diehard fans will be especially pleased with this most recent work.


The mix here is very well-organized and arranged to give equal parts of the spotlight to the string section and the vocals, but it doesn’t leave out the captivating texture on the percussive element in the song, either. I get the vibe that Frogbelly and Symphony wanted to deliberately make the levels in “Benjamin Went Fishing” just a little louder and prouder than they needed to be in this instance, not to allow for unnecessary excesses, but to maximize the melodic depth in the track. Their experimenting yields marvelous results, and personally I hope it won’t be the last time they give this particular formula a go.

I love the direction that Frogbelly and Symphony are taking their music in, and if either progressive rock or modern folk music is your thing, I believe you’re going to share my sentiments after listening to “Benjamin Went Fishing” this month. There are plenty of acts trying to establish themselves as strong crossover units in 2020, but there aren’t very many that are managing quite as well as this group is, both in their latest single and the music video made to supports its release.

Mindy McCall



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