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“Show Me You” by Dynamyte

In her debut release as a solo artist, the all-new single “Show Me You,” Dynamyte fuses together a bit of old fashioned R&B swing with a sleek pop hook amidst a backdrop of fuzzy jazz percussion and despite the experimental nature of her first endeavor outside of the Michael & Marisa project – which featured her alongside her brother Michael who goes by the name MkX – the end results of her hard is marvelous to put it quite mildly. Whether you’re a diehard pop fan or just a casual passerby, this is one single you won’t want to miss out on right now.

This is one of the more well-organized mixes I’ve had the chance to review in the past couple of months, and I immediately noticed that there wasn’t anything particularly overdone about its layering of the music. The main idea with a song like “Show Me You” is to preserve as much of the natural tonality as you can without giving in to the simplicities that come with patching in a synthesized harmony, and it’s in this area that I think Dynamyte – and her producer, MkX – deserve loads of credit. Artistic quality outweighed the desire to pack in a lot of beat quantity in this instance, and we subsequently reap the rewards.

I like the vocal’s prominence throughout every part of this song, and personally I think that Dynamyte would be smart to make her voice the focal point of every track that she releases as a solo artist. Her natural talents were undoubtedly a big part of the reason why Michael & Marisa scored slots opening for Ariana Grande and Christina Perri, not to mention her earning a degree at Brown, and they’re being channeled through the singular prism that is her singing beautifully in this single.

A lot of artists are exploring vintage soul themes in 2020, but there aren’t nearly as many who are developing their sound with the kind of sophisticated approach that Dynamyte is in “Show Me You,” which we can all hope to be the first in a long line of successful songs for this gifted young artist.

Mindy McCall



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