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“The Spell Between” LP by Caroline Blind

Drenched in sorrow and pain, her words are therapeutic and confident. Caroline Blind’s artistic moment has come to fruition in The Spell Between. Ghoulishly driven with dark guitars, rhymitc drum patterns and throbbing bass lines, The Spell Between is an artistic achievement like no other. We’ve already been given glimpses into the record with “Need To Say” and “First”. The remaining tracks are just as tight. The Spell Between is produced by Caroline Blind and Gordon Young.

The standout track, in my opinion, is “Aint No Sunshine”. Yes, a cover of the 1971 classic from Bill Withers. What makes Blind’s version different is her tempo and gut-hitting vocals. Her voice is a bit raspy, but hidden beauty peeks its way from the slow vibe. What never goes away is Blind’s emotion. This track tattoos itself to the listener – she’s slowing things down, way down, and it hits the depths of your soul.

Blind continues to live in the shadows in “Regodless”. Her prose is turbulent – “Cheated, forsaken, regodless, if you’re stripped of illusions, regodless, If you’re torn from delusions, cheated, forsaken, when we finally find, the right things for us, it’s always the wrong time, the story without morals” she sings. Her guitar sounds like weeping. This song felt like a journey into the idea that when we’ve sold all our belongings, or they were stolen, who are we as a person? We see the light, any light, and the darkness still is creeping upon us. During the midst of this social distancing, “Regodless” hit me in an unexpected way. I’m certain that Blind didn’t write this with COVID-19 in mind, but this timely song triggered something in me that I can’t quite shake. Like all her songs, “Regodless” challenges the listener to find their own meaning.

BANDCAMP: https://carolineblind.bandcamp.com/album/the-spell-between

“Crescent and the Star” is brighter and the music feels more feverish. As a listener I imagined myself stranded on a lonely raft in the ocean, with only the stars as my compass. Blind creates a wave of emotion and rushed tones. She sings over electronic pulses and more punk-laced guitar riffs. The drums are stirring, evolving and revolving throughout her subdued voice. At times she even sounds futuristic, robotic. Her lyrics include “already forgotten, the names of last night’s roads, and you can’t find another, on your specific coast, why are you wagering if every night’s insane?, There are lights out on the ocean, calling out your name, the crescent and the star…” I also felt like being suspended in air, trying with all my might to stop spinning and make a decision. Sometimes in an anxiety attack there are signs pointing in all directions, and we have all the resources in front of us, but can’t make a decision. This song put to words that chaos.

Caroline Blind’s words hit home. Her music is dark and at times gothic. The Spell Between fills many needs and musical wants. Blind’s work is unforgettable and her musicality should be celebrated. Listeners answering the call will fall under Blind’s wickedly insightful spell.

Mindy McCall



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