Julie Amici & Dean Mueller’s new album “I Loved You So”

Growling like a wild animal just awakening from a long hibernation and now itching to take a bite out of life once more, the sizzling electric guitar that we hear in the opening bars of “Flannel Shirt” immediately clues us in as to the chill-inducing melodicism about to come pouring out of the speakers here, in Julie Amici & Dean Mueller’s new album I Loved You So, but it isn’t until we’re deep in the clutches of “Daddy” that the multilayered nature of the music this pair is producing takes its full shape. On the back of the swinging groove in this song, we move forward into the blues-style crunch of the spellbinding “Hot in the City,” and before we know it, Julie Amici & Dean Mueller are controlling every move our hips make. URL: https://julieamici.com/ The title cut in I Loved You So changes gears from the urban swagger of “Hot in the City” over to an old-timey folk rhythm and harmonizing vocals between Amici & Mueller that warm listeners up like a crackling fire in the dead of winter, and following its quiet melodic march, even more acoustic-bound grooves come flowing from our stereo in the form of “Blind Beulah,” one … Continue reading Julie Amici & Dean Mueller’s new album “I Loved You So”