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Interview with Desperate Electric

Hi! Thanks for chatting with us!

We’re doing pretty good, honestly. We’re taking it day by day, that’s all anybody can do right now. This has definitely been a crazy thing to go through as full time musicians. We had to cancel a lot of tour dates back in March when this started and that was rough. As an independent artist, we book all of our tours ourselves and put hours into each and every show we book. Watching that all go away in the span in 48 hours was pretty surreal. As we’ve progressed through this we’ve come to the realization that we’ll be cancelling more dates, that sucks, but we’re far from the only ones. We have so many friends in a similar position and we’re just trying to keep our heads up and do whatever we can to stay busy and creative.

You have a new song coming out – what details can you give us?

We’re super excited about this next single! It’s the title track of our album that’s coming out May 8th and it’s very different from the other songs we’ve released. I think this third song really rounds out the singles and gives a nice taste of what to expect from the rest of the album. It will be out on Friday, April 17th, along with a music video!

When you compare this song to your other releases – is it similar or a big departure from past music?

I don’t want to say it’s a big departure, but this whole album is a bit different for us. I personally think it has more direction as a collective listening experience. It bends a lot of genres and each song is unique, yet they work well together. The next single is different from anything we’ve released so far, but I still think it’s very ‘us’.

Do you write this song together? Tell us more on the behind the scenes of how the song came together.

Ben really took the lead on this one, writing the melody and lyrics, about a year and a half ago, maybe two years? It never really materialized into anything concrete, but we loved the hook. When we were working on songs for our album we knew we wanted to do something with it. It was one of the last things we worked on during our two weeks of recording in December and it came together pretty much on the fly. After we made the beat we just started recording vocals and that really dictated the structure of the song. It was a really fun track to work on because it came together so quickly and so suddenly. 

What music are you listening to the most right now? Any particular artist?

We always listen to a huge variety of music; it’s really hard to narrow it down because it ranges so much. I think right now it’s incredibly important to be listening to and sharing your friends’ music. Some of our musical besties that make great music are Shakewell from Missoula, MT, Space Monkey Mafia from Minneapolis, MN, Juju Fontaine from Tucson, AZ, and Marshall House Project from Santa Rosa, CA. All four of these bands are absolutely incredible and we want to really support our friends right now!

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Support your artist friends during this crazy time! Everyone is struggling right now, but the arts community is getting hit especially hard. Reach out to your artist friends, like and share their art–we need to be supporting each other more than ever right now.

Where can we get our hands on your new music and connect with you online?

You can listen to our music on all the major streaming platforms! We love to connect with people via our Instagram, @desperateelectric. You can also like us on Facebook and visit our website,

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