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Wonky Tonk, Lessons & Lovers: A culmination of living, loving, and immutable strength ~ Ryan Muddiman

Not quite Country. Not really Rock or Rockabilly. Alternative? Only in the truest sense of the word, which is something that doesn’t seem to exist anymore, en masse. Singer-songwriter? That might be the closest familiar moniker, if one was to pigeonhole her work into the realm of the familiar. But no. This unique spirit has managed to carve out a slice of musical human experience that lies outside the norm: Wonk. And we’re all better for it.

Check out the video for Lessons from the album: Wonky Tonk ~ Lessons

As someone who looks for fearless honesty, truth and vulnerability in their music, Wonky Tonk’s music resonates with me in the most loving and meaningful way.

If you have an appreciation for touching, clever, and occasionally sardonic honesty, Wonky Tonk’s new album, Lessons & Lovers, will not leave you wanting. If a clever turn of phrase and lamentations of what could and should be are your thing, she has you covered. Lyrically, this glorious pariah of musical society might just be the savior you didn’t know you needed in your life.

Wonky Tonk on Graves Street-12 possible

Musically, her latest offering presents with sounds that have one foot grounded in the comfort of accessibility, while the other foot seems stretched into another world entirely: a world where we feel comfortable moving on from what we recognize as a stable footing to a place where sound transcends expectation… to a place where anything is possible. A place where we’re free to be our most honest and loving selves, first to ourselves (as that’s necessary and a huge part of what Wonky Tonk is truly about), and then to the world around us.

Lessons & Lovers is Wonky Tonk’s third full length release, with a couple Eps and singles released along the way. For this album she was accompanied by her band the Highlife; an all-star line-up of Cincinnati who’s-who. The ethereal quality that weaves its way through this album is nothing short of brilliant: with what would otherwise be random sounds, in this instance, create a warm, loving blanket of sound to wrap around the listener.

Wonky Tonk continues to be a pillar of strength with her new release, through the vehicle of true and naked human experience. Everyone should embrace as much Wonk in their life as possible.

Atomic Disc Side Opening Jacket

Get Wonked! Buy her stuff, including the new album.

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