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The brother and sister show off their mystical connection.

Julius and Julia are a remarkable case study in the way twins form life long bonds before they’ve spoken their first words. Separated at birth, they forged a long distance relationship as teenagers and quickly found they were kindred spirits. Naturally, they started making music together, and now, several years later, they are ready to spread their magic across the globe.

‘Why Are We Here’ wastes no time, immediately introducing a sweeping synth atmosphere that will instantly awaken your emotions. It is a fitting mood, given the all encompassing questions that pervade the song.

“Is there a reason, or no meaning at all?” they sing, examining the world with a childlike wonder. While the pair don’t arrive at any simple conclusions, it is fascinating to listen to them commune through words and melodies, combining their powers in an attempt to bring a little more understanding into the world.

‘Why Are We Here?’ is available everywhere May 7, 2020.

ABOUT JULIUS AND JULIA: Julius and Julia are an Icelandic duo with a backstory too outlandish to be made up. Identical twins separated at birth, fate brought them together through a series of letters in their teenage years. Although they had never met, their spirits were so intertwined that they began a long-distance collaboration, finishing each other’s musical sentences and providing each other’s missing halves.

The duo formed February 2 of 2020 but has still never been in the same room. In fact, they don’t plan on ever meeting, as respecting their unique personalities is as important to them as embracing their union.

Music requires a certain level of mysterious engagement between personalities. Julius is responsible for musical compositions while Julia provides poetry and vocal melodies. Julia is the public face, and while Julius handles the production. When their talents are merged, they create a mystical sound that is as strange and wonderful as their backstory.




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