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“Deranged” (SINGLE) by Alex Alan ft. Juan Guti

Airborn is the new EP from producer and singer/songwriter Alex Alan. Featuring the relishing guitar accompaniment of Juan Guti the single “Deranged” is out now. It’s the soothing guitar fixed against a wide swath of sounds that gives this single the listener an unexpected emotional connection. Try as he might, Alan doesn’t live the listener deranged, rather, he leaves the listener engaged.

Airborn is a four-track EP, with “Deranged” as the final tune. Other songs include “Fight For Love”, “Everytime” and “You Feel”. These songs all focus on fears, love, fighting for what’s right and trying moments.

Alan structures his song into what could easily be heard on the modern rock radio chart. “Deranged” is not a hang banger, but its draped with strong rhythms, interesting bass lines and a steady, pivotal drum machine. Guti’s guitar work is very similar to the strutting sounds of Alex Y Gabriela. It makes for an interesting flavor sonically and when you close your eyes, listening to Guti, you can almost picture yourself engulfed in his mesmerizing fingers strumming the guitar strings. He’s fast and it gives a rapid tone to the sturdy, rock music bed. Alan’s music is modern sounding and Guti’s guitar is worldly, Latin-fused. I imagined this song came together via a remote exchange…putting together ideas and cutting and pasting ideas. The collaboration proves once again how music knows no boundaries. That added spice gives this song a whole new vibe and soul.

Lyrically, he touches on themes of confusion, and uses words like defeated and pleads for an angel to tell him it will be all right. The chorus you are something I can’t change, I guess that’s why I feel deranged is sincere. Alan’s voice has assurance, like he’s reached his last patience. I felt like I was more in tune with his voice than the music at times, minus Guti’s guitar parts. There are small hints of comparisons to Dan Smith of Bastille. As a listener, I felt very invested in his story, like he was being gaslighted by this person and he’s just at a loss at what to do. He’s nearly thrown his hands in the air, but he loves this person, he can’t live without this person. They have caused hurt and countless devastating acts to his life.

It’s quite relatable to have a certain someone in our life that drives us crazy. I can think of at least five people, as I’m sure the majority of the people reading this can, too. Okay, maybe 10. Alan’s song is missing the burst of hutzpah and layering of rap and of well, Chester Bennington, but I think fans of Linkin Park will get what Alan’s trying to do here. His angst isn’t deafening. Something about Alan’s voice and maneuvering of the beats and tones gives this piercing impression. The song sticks with you and while he sings you won’t be defeated about his subject, maybe, he’s talking about himself. He won’t be defeated, just as we all have that fight inside us.

Mindy McCall

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