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“We Rise” by Luanne Hunt

Inspirational and persistent. One of those words describes the song, but both describe the singer. More than 20 years into her professional career and still proudly independent, Luanne Hunt continues to release music that exemplifies her exquisite vocals and commanding demeanor. “We Rise” is the latest in a long line of many songs in her discography that elevate the mark.


Hunt tears walls down in “We Rise”. It’s the type of song that signifies how music at its most sincere, it’s most subtle, is also at its best. Relying on mainly a piano, with just a hush of acoustic guitar, “We Rise” is at its core a song that feels intimate. The irony of course is that it’s a song that can be proclaimed to many. It’s luminous. From the beginning the song sets the stage for something grand, something will contagious. With just a simple chorus of we rise, Hunt invites anyone and everyone to listen.

The piano is stirring. It’s provocative in the sense that it sends goose pimples to the listener when flowing underneath Hunt’s vocals. She sings graciously and matter-of-factly. Her background in country music, as well as Christmas music serves her well in this particular state. She has a wholesomeness to her voice. When she sings the chorus, her voice changes, it goes to a lower pitch. Most of the song she’s singing falsetto, but her voice is so confident and remarkably powerful during the chorus.

“We Rise” made me believe. It made me driven to find success in small things – the moments that you can look back on, and at the time, you never thought you would make it from those. I’m talking about little stuff that felt like big stuff. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking with a child being bullied, and you wonder how you can just wish it away, or pray it goes away. It does take action, it does take the opportunity to rise above. Hunt talks about singing songs of healing and love and I think she’s talking about being a positive person, but also about forgiveness. “We Rise” made me feel like I was listening to a Hallmark card being sung to me and me alone.

Hunt appeals to all ages and faiths. This is definitely an inspirational song, but I do think it has wide appeal to anyone that is need of positivity and uplifting messages in their life. Sometimes people aren’t open to the message – but when they are, this is a great song to welcome them to becoming a person that keeps their head up and loves all people. Life’s too short to be miserable, look and listen to songs like “We Rise” to give you day the sun it deserves.

Throughout her career, Hunt has reached both US and European independent music charts. Her No. 1 song “Christmas Without You” topped the charts in France, Denmark and Austria. Hunt is a four-time American Songwriting Awards winner and received two “CD of the Year” awards from the National Traditional Country Music Association. She’s originally from Pennsylvania but now calls Las Vegas home.

Mindy McCall

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