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Jane n’ the Jungle release “Animal” Single-Video

Rock hasn’t had a lot of excitement in its storied underground lately, but if there’s one band committed to changing that narrative, it’s Jane n’ the Jungle. Influenced by a combination of alternative rock, metal and a touch of crossover punk, Jane n’ the Jungle have the sort of take no prisoners attitude that once made rock n’ roll the deadliest genre on earth. In their new single/video combo, “Animal,” they revolt against the melodically mundane with a fierce show of sonic strength listeners won’t soon forget, and for my money, it’s one of the best new rock songs out at the moment.

More on Jane n’ the Jungle: https://www.janenthejungle.com/

The EQ on the guitar, bass and drums isn’t nearly as scooped as what I was expecting it to be. Comparative to a lot of the contemporary hard rock I’ve been reviewing lately, this is so much sleeker, punkier and well-layered. There isn’t any need to a hollowed-out midrange, because had Jane n’ the Jungle cut that element from their sound, this wouldn’t be as forceful – nor as rebellious in tone – as it is here. DIY white noise can be found in the stitching of “Animal,” but the cheap tininess of amateur rocking cannot.

This single has a really great beat that I loved right out of the box, and vocalist Jordan White makes it even better by wrapping her tight execution around the rhythm seamlessly. She’s always a half-step ahead of the percussion, and by allowing her to be at the front of the main groove instead of following the drums, her eminence and powerful presence in the mix is all the more memorable. White is definitely the most important player in this group, but all in all, there isn’t a single element I would change about their present day make-up in the studio.

Jane n’ the Jungle aren’t rewriting the rules of rock n’ roll with “Animal;” truth be told, I think they’re telling us that rules are the last thing on their mind in general. What rock needs right now more than anything else is a band that isn’t going to follow the beat of anyone else’s drum, and that’s precisely what this group is doing so exceptionally well here. “Animal” gives us a pretty good idea what they can accomplish when there’s nothing to get in their way creatively, and with any luck, it won’t be the only let-loose single they release before the year is over.

Mindy McCall



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