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Patricia Lazzara and Steve Markoff’s new instrumental single “If I Could Reach Your Heart”

A superficial listen to Patricia Lazzara and Steve Markoff’s new instrumental single “If I Could Reach Your Heart” might label the track easy-listening. They couldn’t be more wrong. Markoff and Lazzara plays compositions with an appreciable degree of musical sophistication and this track, penned by Rene Dupere and arranged by Dmitriy Varelas, fits the bill nicely. It has all the inevitable twists you’d expect from top shelf pop music but with an added veneer of stylishness distinguishing it from similar efforts. There’s nothing pat or clichéd about this recording. It is a reflection of many things; their astute taste in material, the many years of musical chemistry shared by Markoff and Lazzara, and their well honed chemistry with pianist and musical partner Allison Brewster Franzetti. This track from their latest album Romances in Blue likely reflects the best this new release has to offer. 

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The best are qualities like compositional nuance and a clear love for melody. It isn’t a simplistic approach to melody either; based on this track alone, Lazzara, Markoff, and company seek out arrangements and songwriting that features interlocking melody lines that shift, transform, and flow into one another while playing off Allison Brewster Franzetti’s piano work. Franzetti plays a supporting role while Markoff and Larzzara’s flutes take part in an ongoing musical discussion that gives the song its signature. Their warm and clear flute sound has a prominent position in the mix but never overwhelms Franzetti’s piano playing. 

Her work on the piano provides the song’s foundation. Perhaps it would still be an interesting effort if Lazzara and Markoff were playing alone but the addition of Franzetti’s piano playing adds another musical layer to the track that’s invaluable to the final result. Despite the placid tempo of the track, it sounds like Franzetti’s fingers are in constant movement across the keys and it gives the cut a shape it would have otherwise lacked. 

The mood of the performance is notable. It is hard to achieve a feeling of gravitas and emotional intensity without taking the mood of an instrumental performance into dark territory but Lazzara and Markoff manage to pull off that balancing act without a single lapse. It is all the more impressive because they stretch the track to over four and a half minutes in length and yet maintain that careful balance from beginning to end. 

It is clear these three musicians have worked together, and well, for quite some time. Based on “If I Could Reach Your Heart”, we can only assume they will continue working together for years to come. Instrumental music rarely comes this well-conceived and with the same artistic inclinations. Despite those inclinations, however, the trio have recorded a song capable of achieving commercial success and, with any luck, they will garner a great deal of notice for this new single. They aren’t in it for the riches or public notice however. Even one hearing of this tune will convince you that they make music first and foremost for themselves.

Mindy McCall

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