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“Got Lonely Too Early This Morning” Ted Cline

In his new single “Got Lonely Too Early This Morning,” Ted Cline establishes himself as a traditionalist in the country singer/songwriter genre while steering clear of the mundane attributes that have plagued his peers in recent years. Right off the bat, Cline’s honky tonk and Bakersfield sound influences are present in the style of his melodies (not to mention the swing of his beats). He straddles the groove of the drums with surgical precision, but while his delivery is quite charming indeed, I believe it’s his voice that will bring listeners back to this song time and after time this summer.

The rhythm is a big chill-factor from the start in this single, and I like that it’s never reliant on the beat of the percussion as a means of advancing the churning quality in the tempo. Every element is contributing to the swing in “Got Lonely Too Early This Morning,” whether melodic or percussive in nature, and though this is far more common in alternative country than it is anything of the conventional variety, it doesn’t give Cline’s sound an experimental hue in this instance. He’s too countrified, and more specifically, too disciplined in his craft for that to happen.

I think the relationship between the strings and the drums in “Got Lonely Too Early This Morning” is as strong as any single lyric is in the song, and that’s no small statement to make when examining the verses for their black and white cosmetics. Cline has a very poetic edge to his lyrical execution, and even if he hadn’t been singing something as catchy as this is, I’m confident that he would probably sound as warm and inviting as he does on this particular occasion. With a voice like his, he definitely doesn’t have to put too much into his words to make a big impact on listeners.

Although I would have preferred just a little more focus on the vocals in the master mix, I can appreciate the concept that Ted Cline was trying to exercise in this song. “Got Lonely Too Early This Morning” has all the necessary components to be a vocal showcase, but by showing off some instrumental prowess here, Cline verifies that he’s more than a one-trick pony; he can harmonize just as well as he can steal the show with his pipes. He wants us to get the full experience of his talent, and for all intents and purposes, he did a pretty excellent job of meeting his goal.

A surprisingly well-rounded and mature offering, Ted Cline’s streaming debut in “Got Lonely Too Early This Morning” is a potent listen for country fans around the world this summer. No matter what’s going on in the news or what the hierarchy of pop music is shaping for tomorrow, it’s nice to know that there are still singer/songwriters like Cline applying their skills to the lineage of old Americana. “Got Lonely Too Early This Morning” is, in this sense, a great tribute to classic country – and perhaps a taste of what it can still be in the 2020’s.

Mindy McCall

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