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Bovine Nightmares drop new (SINGLE/VIDEO)

Steeped in ugly white noise skewed with surprisingly melodic facets of vocal and guitar harmonization, Bovine Nightmares put creative conceptualism before everything else in their all-new single and music video “Giving Little Robots to Children.” From the start of the song, it’s clear that this is a group that doesn’t care much for the mainstream model – in fact, they downright loathe it. Through their assaultive approach to melodicism, they combine elements of iconic metal bombast with a contemporary alternative ethos that has never made quite as much sense as it does right now. Bovine Nightmares mean business here, and that much is obvious even at a distance.

You don’t have to be an expert music critic to detect the heavy DIY punk influence in the video for “Giving Little Robots to Children” and the overall structure of the song; honestly, it’s one of the most defining features in this release. The substance of the melodies is undisputedly pure metal in the vein of Dio Sabbath, but in execution, this band owes just as much to Black Flag and the Misfits as they do anyone on the other side of the rock spectrum. There’s nothing wrong with this kind of diversity, despite what scene politics would just as soon dictate – it’s actually what makes this group’s sound unique.

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I’m not usually very keen on this particular brand of heavy music, but Bovine Nightmare’s performance in “Giving Little Robots to Children” and the underlying narrative it conveys are definitely worth your time this summer. The provocative nature of this song alone is enough to entice anyone with a heavy metal heart into this band’s fold, but when you add in the extreme stylizations in the video, it becomes a cocktail that those who demand alternatives to the mainstream won’t be able to resist.

Mindy McCall



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