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The Floyds feat. Altrina Renee “One More Night”

The cool and relaxed vibe of The Floyds’ single “One More Night” belies the pressure they experienced writing and recording the track. The Floyds and guest vocalist Altrina Renee breathed life into this song at the Writrz Block recording studio. The studio allows any artist, any genre, three hours to record a hit record. James Floyd, the studio owner, Speech, and Renee worked well and fast together with a preselected backing track to bring this cut together and the results are impressive. This isn’t a cookie-cutter release in any fashion; it lands, instead, like a fully realized musical performance born organically from the experiences and skills of the talents involved. The Writrz Block forces creative individuals to, pardon the cliché, lay it on the line and not overthink their art. Such prodding often produces memorable results like this.

URL: https://writrzblock.com/

“One More Night” has a mid-tempo pace and a three-minute running time. Floyd, Renee, and Speech pack an enormous amount of musical imagination into one hundred eighty seconds, far more than many of their contemporaries manage, and sound confident throughout. If they felt pressure, the song never betrays it. There is no live instrumentation in the track. Everything is pre-programmed drums and light synthesizers and the focus is on the vocals. It is proper to deem this a hip-hop track due to the vocal delivery, but the mood of the performance is closer to classic R&B and soul in some respects.

Much of that has to do with the lyrical content. This is a song about the joys of a good time, free from the concerns of every day life wearing us down and relishing the thrill of being alive. There are no sweeping statements here, no political or social agenda, just unfettered human emotion in full flight. That’s the key to the song’s success – it is, at its heart, an intensely human song. It’s a track tailored for hit status, as well, because it’s rife with emotions everyone has experienced and can connect with.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/tt/album/one-more-night-feat-the-floyds-altrina-renee/1518063893?i=1518063897

The vocals are a study of contrasts. The lead vocal has the usual deadpan tone, locking into the song’s rhythm and groove but exhibiting little outright emotion beyond swagger, while Altrina Renee’s contributions soar and embody the soulful spirit discussed earlier in the review. The juxtaposition of these different styles makes for a more effective performance. Some will find the attempted harmonization of these voices to be a bit misguided, or at least botched in small ways by the production, but others will find those moments do little if anything to mar the overall package.

The Writrz Block is an interesting experiment that pays clear creative dividends. It forces artists to focus on the task at hand, jettison any semblance of self-indulgence, and commit themselves to producing quality work. No one can coast under this paradigm. The Floyds and Altrina Renee definitely aren’t coasting with this track and it isn’t difficult to believe this experience has broadened both their individual and collective talents. “One More Night” is a single well worth seeking out.

Mindy McCall

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