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“All Night Again” by Manny Cabo

Piano keys as soft as silk. A voice as brooding as it is bittersweet in tone. A harmony that feels almost heaven-sent this time of year. This is “All Night Again,” the new single from up and coming pop/rocker Manny Cabo, and if you give it a spin this June, something tells me you’re going to be immediately intoxicated by its rich charms. Both poetically and musically, “All Night Again” doesn’t feel like your average indie single. Right out of the gate, it possesses an emotionality that is both familiar and completely unique. There aren’t any eruptive choruses here, nor any big pop hooks that come slashing through the backdrop in the middle of our singer’s intimate crooning. There is only Manny Cabo, the piano, and a sense that we’re bearing witness to something that is entirely one of a kind. 2020 hasn’t been a landmark year for new pop music; in fact, one could even make the argument that it’s been a bit below initial expectations, but that isn’t stopping this artist from advancing a smart ballad to an audience that has been hungry for one for some time now. In a season that has been lacking in star-power, Manny Cabo is giving us some much-needed aural TLC.

The vocal is the undisputed crown jewel here, and to some extent the lyrics are designed around The Voice instead of the other way around. I get the feeling that Manny Cabo wants to demonstrate his skillset on a couple of different levels in “All Night Again,” and by choosing to adhere to a straightforward arrangement on the instrumental side of the composition, he’s able to provide as potent a show of strength as a singer as would be possible within the four walls of the recording studio. Personally, I think it could be compelling to hear an acoustic guitar-based remix of this track at some point in the future, if for no other reason than to verify how versatile the bones of this song really are. There’s a lot of live potential in “All Night Again,” and with any luck, we’ll get to experience it for ourselves a lot sooner than later.

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I hadn’t heard much of Manny Cabo’s work outside of his ironclad performances on The Voice, but after getting a taste of this most recent content, I’m very intrigued by what he might have cooking for his future material. He still has a lot of potential that hasn’t been fully exploited, and judging from his lack of interest in producing filler thus far in his career, I’m certain his growth will be continuous – so long as he wants it to be. This guy is all about flexing melodic muscle, and if there’s anything we can learn from the history of pop music, it’s that the greatest stars have always concerned themselves with the brawn of their presence more than they ever have the size of their sales. He’s on the right path to having both taken care of, and that’s more than obvious in this single.

Mindy McCall



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