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Lecretia Ann releases her new singles “3” and “Run”

Rich, warm and a little smoky, the lead vocal that Lecretia Ann affords her new singles “3” and “Run” is a centerpiece no matter which way you analyze it. Whether she’s working against a groove as thick as they come in “Run” or forging a bucolic ballad in “3,” Lecretia Ann has the sort of voice that makes you forget about everything else in the world when it’s filling the air around us with melodicism, and in both of her new studio cuts, she uses it as a means to remind us what made country music so great in the first place.

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“3” and “Run” are quite balanced from an instrumental perspective, and even if you were to take the vocal out of the equation altogether, there’s no denying that our singer’s backing band is putting as much heart into their performance as she is her own. It takes a special kind of chemistry to breathe life into the strain of Americana that Lecretia Ann is interested in here, but the fluidity between all of the players here is something that her peers should be more than a little envious of this summer.

The master mix in “3” favors the strings a bit more than I would have deemed necessary, but at the same time I can also appreciate what was trying to be accomplished in making them as loud and proud in the grander scheme of things as they are. To some extent, the relationship between the guitar and Lecretia Ann’s vocal in this track is more essential to understanding the lyrical narrative than anything else is, and by building everything else off of their harmony, it forces us to focus on how capable a singer this young artist really is. She doesn’t shake easy, and that’s obvious even at a distance here.

There isn’t a lot of multilayered content coming out of the Nashville establishment lately, and yet when I listen to an indie country singer like Lecretia Ann, it’s clear that the genre’s underground players are more than able – and interested – in creating complex material in 2020. If she’s able to steer clear of the big-money forces within the country music world, I think this artist has a chance at bringing a lot of defectors back to the country umbrella (which, from where I sit, would be a good thing for fans, artists and critics all-around).

Swaggering but vulnerable when it matters, country fans can’t go wrong with “3” and “Run” this July. Lecretia Ann still has a lot of room to grow and mature with her music, but she’s undisputedly one of the more naturally gifted rookies I’ve listened to in the last couple of months. Country has always been at its best when homespun characters are at its reins, and with artists like Lecretia Ann coming out of the woodwork right now, I don’t think that audiences will have too much to worry about with regards to the future of this family of genres at all.

Mindy McCall 

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