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Ryte Eye Ty’s “Freedom” (SINGLE)

A voice starts to unfurl a melody at the onset of Ryte Eye Ty’s “Freedom” that will swell to the size of an ocean tidal wave in a matter of seconds, but as intimidating in shape as it might become, it never feels anything but warm and embracive in tone. Equal parts church acapella and neo-soul ballad, the gospel-tinged “Freedom” is undeniably one of the best tracks out of the crossover market this summer, mostly because of its unparalleled blend of political awareness and vocal depth, both of which have been difficult elements for other artists – mainstream and indie alike – to reconcile lately. Ryte Eye Ty isn’t a household name by any means; in fact, he’s a rather under the radar type, with only two singles under his belt thus far (including this one), but you’d never know it when listening to this most recent release. He’s got a confidence that is striking right from the jump, and though it takes such a swagger to make a song like this one work and feel compelling all the way around, he puts an additional oomph into the final product that endears all who listen to his emerging brand of hybrid harmonies.

The production quality that this single enjoys is awesome, but it’s definitely not the source of the chill-factor at all. That title belongs to Ryte Eye Ty and Ryte Eye Ty alone, as his voice shapes every angle of this song to make it impossible for us to feel anything but the full scope of his emotionality during the performance. Despite the limited components at hand, the mix feels remarkably tight from top to bottom, making the passion in our singer’s vocal feel all the more tangible. In more ways than one, “Freedom” is a juggernaut of emotion that comes rocketing at us not from the speakers so much as it does the soul of its composer, who puts everything on the line from behind the mic in every word he sings. There’s no politicized aftertaste to grapple with in this single; this is too human a narrative and, frankly, too powerful a demonstration of love and kinship for anything like that to be present.

If this is on par with what Ryte Eye Ty is going to be producing on a professional basis throughout his unfolding career, I’ll be listening to his work with eager anticipation for each new release from here on out. I would love to check out some more balladic content from Ryte Eye Ty, as the range he utilizes in “Freedom” has really only begun to be exploited properly. There’s still so much room for him to continue growing into his sound that it almost wouldn’t be fair to make assumptions about what he should or shouldn’t do in the studio next – right now, if I were him, I would focus exclusively on cultivating my present skillset. He’s got all the tools he needs to go far in this business, and that’s obvious even to the most novice of critics.

 Mindy McCall

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