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Atlanta rapper K-Roll stakes his claim via new Single

Atlanta rapper K-Roll stakes his claim for righteous self-proclamation in the track “Real Quick”. Hoping to catapult his self-confidence to a wider stage, he forges ahead with a solid, beginning-to-end song reminiscent of the ATL sound. K-Roll’s unabridged confidence is both magnetic and vulnerable in the high-energy track.

K-Roll, whose real name is Kevin Rollinson, grew up singing gospel music in Abbeville, S.C. At 18, he switched to performing R&B and hip-hop. He also enjoys acting, and has appeared in several independent movies. “Real Quick” features Quesh, $DOE$ and Simon Sayz.


Head to the studio, K-Roll uses a mix of singing and rapping to get his message through. Underneath him, an intricate electric guitar warms the scene. It’s like a falling string of dominoes, the guitar riffs. K-Roll’s voice does its best to convey the style, the bravado of that magic moment one thinks they have something big on their hands. His song is about putting down the track that he thinks is going to be a hit, and he better get it to the DJ’s and radio out quick. While a part of me snickered inside, thinking he should have mentioned Spotify playlists and influencers rather than a radio DJ, I think I was being a bit too critical.

His voice changes pitches and levels – sometimes he’s slowly singing and other times he’s rapping rapidly. I kept hearing the lines I know this here will be a hit in my head, many hours later. I just couldn’t shake that voice and sound. It really worked as an undertone, as a different mix. I’m not clear if Quesh is the female vocalist in the track. If so, she’s amazing. I think her entire vibe is thrilling and whereas there’s a mellow tone and almost hush fog happening with the rest of the song, she’s cooler. She’s not cold in the sense that she’s emotionless, but she’s sticking her heels into the ground in a different way that says love or leave it, this is who I am. She’s like the ice, the rocks, in a vodka tumbler. She’s clear and to-the-point, just as the writing in this entire track is.

Playing upon that theme, “Real Quick” doesn’t mess with anything but what’s happening in the now. K-Roll is never lamenting or negative. This upbeat, inspiring song has not inkling of tumultuous beats or chaotic rhythms. The vulnerability isn’t blatent. You have to really listen for those moments. Dig below the surface. I think fans looking for a track that is similar to what Ludacris has released, will find that K-Roll doesn’t stretch too far from that sound. He’s in the ballpark for artists like Ludacris, Mystikal and Snoop Dogg. I think if you dig a bit deeper into more of his potential mixtapes, K-Roll would have a fine appeal to fans looking for grittier hip hop leanings. I think he’s capable of bringing both those genres and meeting somewhere in the middle. There’s nothing stale about “Real Quick” or K-Roll.

Mindy McCall

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