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Damon releases his debut single featuring the Crushboys “Hustle With a Purpose”

The last seven months of 2020 have been unpredictable on all fronts, particularly in the music world. Despite all of the chaos taking place around the globe, an emerging generation of players is coming to the surface with sounds that challenge the negative climate of any nightly news broadcast – case in point, Damon and his debut single featuring the Crushboys, “Hustle With a Purpose.” “Hustle With a Purpose” is dedicated to the class of 2020, and it definitely has the kind of youthful vibe that should more than appeal to this era of young listeners amidst the difficulties of everyday life.

Let’s start by breaking down the instrumental elements in the track. There isn’t a lot of space here between the vocal and the bass within the mix, but their tandem attack is essentially what highlights the lean and mean nature of the percussion – an important feature, in my estimation, given how popular incorporating the opposite has been recently. There isn’t any need to get excessive with the drumbeat in this song, and by sticking with something a little more conservative in the backdrop, Damon gets the most out of the oomph he’s affording to every verse in this single.

Aside from the master mix being as tight as possible, the collective rhythm itself is relentlessly potent and would have been quite assaultive were it not accompanied with as melodic a front as it was. Damon’s voice is the gentle warmth serving as superglue for all of the jagged ends in the arrangement of the instrumentation, and because of his disciplined approach to the words, he’s able to impart so much more emotionality into the narrative than a less than erudite artist would have been in virtually the same circumstances.

The Crushboys are putting in just as much effort here as Damon is, and personally, I hope this isn’t the only occasion on which they collaborate together. It can be difficult finding the kind of chemistry that they’ve got between them, especially in an organic setting, but for what they’re trying to tackle in “Hustle With a Purpose,” I think they’re doing a great job of playing off of each other’s cues and developing a sound they both can be proud of. I’m curious to hear the differences when Damon performs on his own as opposed to in this joint operation, but my gut tells me it’s going to be just as sensational.

Hip-hop and R&B fans have a lot of choices when looking for new and exciting music these days, but I think all would be wise to give Damon and the Crushboys’ “Hustle With a Purpose” a spin before the summer is over. There are a number of ways in which this artist can continue to grow into his sound, and even though there are a couple of stylistic hiccups in his hybridity, there’s far more evidence to support the notion that he’s destined for good things here than there isn’t. I’ll be staying tuned for more, and I’d recommend you consider doing the same.

Mindy McCall

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