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Trav Torch drops new single/Video

Slow but not quite pendulous by design, the beat is perhaps the only element even slightly as seductive as the lead vocal Trav Torch is putting down in the new single and music video “Give It to Me Baby,” out now everywhere hot new R&B can be found. Layered together with the melodic instrumentation and the voice that gives this track its soul, the percussion might be conservative component of “Give It to Me Baby,” but it’s still an irreplaceable one – much like every other part here. Efficiency doesn’t matter when you’re sporting a vocal like Trav Torch’s, but it’s still nice to find regardless.

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Everything in this single centers on our man’s serenade, and all things considered, why wouldn’t it? The bassline is swells moderately – just enough to reinforce the groove emitted by the percussion – but it’s always Trav Torch himself directing the flow of the rhythm with his sultry voice. He’s in the eye of the storm, controlling the movement of every element in “Give It to Me Baby,” and his commanding presence is definitely what puts the allure over the top for me personally. Bachelor Life 2 is a sequel to its predecessor in every way, and songs like this one are what make it the more evolved of this artist’s two LPs.

The bass has a little extra midrange on it while the rest of the track is equalized in scooped fashion, beefing up the physicality of both the music and the melodies coming from Trav Torch’s own singing. This scheme adds up to one super-imposing sound, and you definitely don’t have to put “Give It to Me Baby” on at an excessive volume to understand exactly what I’m talking about. I for one love the effect, but those with weak stereos should still come into this number forewarned.

I can’t get enough of the hook in the chorus here, and though this isn’t a straight pop song, its climactic moments definitely make it feel radio-ready and crossover-capable by any critical measurement. The harmony that wraps around the verses shortly after 1:01 in the single is as captivating as any of the music video’s steamier visuals, and once you see it for yourself, you’ll appreciate how significant a statement that is for me to make. Trav Torch is detail-oriented without question, and the meticulousness of the arrangement in this song is tangible proof of as much.

R&B has never been in as good of shape as it is right now in 2020, and this is one independent artist exploiting its classic framework for everything it’s worth and more. Though Trav Torch isn’t bankrolled by the same conglomerates that produce the biggest hits on the FM dial, he’s got a strain of swagger coursing through his veins that has the potential to elevate his career to an elite level if he stays true to the identity he’s presented as his own here. I love his sound, and more specifically, what he’s doing with it this season.

Mindy McCall



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