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Dress the Part: Choose the Right Stage Wear For Your Upcoming Gig

Have you pulled up your socks and are all ready to take the stage? Though music is at the top of the list, wearing the perfect outfit can play a significant role in helping you set the stage on fire. For every live performance, the right outfit helps in setting the atmosphere, creating the vibe, and building a fantastic story around the music. To entertain the audience completely, it is essential to enhance the performance, and wearing the right costume can get you in the headspace to deliver one-of-a-kind performances.

You don’t necessarily need to know anything about style and fashion or care much about it in order to select the outfit for your next musical success. Here are some of the top choices to get ready for the next gig.

Dress according to the setting

While choosing what to wear for your next concert or live event, be mindful of the setting, physical climate, and current situations. In this pandemic, you should think about wearing a mask or a tubular bandana to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. Masks have become a necessity these days, and it would be better if we can play around by using it as a part of costume or stage wear.

Apart from this, keep in mind whether you will be playing in a large auditorium, which will usually be kept cold to prevent it from overheating when it will be packed with hundreds of people, or you will be performing open-air. It is always better to check on the weather forecast and dress up accordingly. Wear plenty of layers if the weather is predicted to be windy and cold or go for breathable clothes if you are performing in summers.

Wear what you usually wear

If you are planning to wear the usual clothes that keep you in line with your music, personality, and overall brand, then go for it. Musicians seldom wear anything that over-elaborate their personalities. You will find Bryan Adams in a pair of jeans with a matching buttoned shirt, and on the events when he is really feeling crazy, you will see him wearing a white t-shirt.

In addition, some musicians like to dress up like a rock star and the day-to-day grab will be a perfect fit for on-stage performance as well. If someone appears on the stage with clothing on the back, then it will not create much difference in your off-stage and on-stage persona. It can be of benefit or can detriment your image depending upon the situation.

Wear a costume

For the jazz band participants, wearing business casual or formal wear can do the job. You might get a bit surprised to know that even some of the rock bands are to dress up in suits on their performance. It is not needed to see any further than acts like Lady Gaga, Devo, or David Bowie to see any artist who either has a tailored costume for every show or is continuously evolving as characters.

A solid and customized on-stage persona can really help in marketing and branding to create a unique identity. Not everyone needs an expensive attire to ace the performance or to achieve an unforgettable image. If you are aiming to put together a unique and specific look, then you might opt for designing a customized band outfit.

Keep it attractive yet functional

When someone is thinking about the costume or outfit for a show, the overall looks can be easily put before comfort. Thus, it is crucial to remember that the topmost priority of any event should be the comfort of the outfit to deliver an unforgettable performance. Any clothing that is a bit uncomfortable and messes up with your overall goals, you must leave such items at home.

If you are not a suit person, regardless of the fact how conscious you are about the overall look, don’t ever wear something that hampers the breathing or causes irritation. It is always a great idea to rehearse over time wearing the same outfit to get an idea of how you should deal with any misfortune in high-pressure on-stage situations.

Accessorize and enhance

The reasonable option to complete the look of an outfit is to pair it up with a bandana, sunglasses, scarf, wristband, watch, and other accessories to make a unique identity of the band. These accessories can unify the look, especially when colors are chosen wisely. The goal of every musician is to be an extra and exaggerated version of themselves on the stage.

Achieving a unique look is quite easy as it can be done with a belt or a necklace. Apart from these, the image can also be enhanced through tattoos, face paint, or makeup, if it complements your act. A jazz band with fitted muscle shirts and tattoos on the arms might not resonate with the audience, and in the same way, a suited booted country band might not look congruent.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of the type of band you are playing in or the performance you are going to deliver, it is essential to dress up wisely. A tailor-made and well-devised outfit can complete your look in the most effortless manner. No matter if you are on a tight budget, all you need to do is to find out a way to make a unique and unforgettable identity.


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