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Rapper TripleYoThreat releases new Single/Video

In his latest single, appropriately titled “Always Lookin’ Fly as Fuck,” rapper TripleYoThreat isn’t looking to commiserate over the lost summer of 2020 – if anything, he’s down to celebrate life itself. With a slick flow as the centerpiece, this instrumentation-heavy hip-hop track and its dapper music video doesn’t reinvent the parameters of the rap genre so much as it takes a flexible framework and shapes it into something TripleYoThreat can dominate over. His talent is undeniable here, as is his apparent interest in sticking with the light side of lyricism in an era that has rewarded anything and everything but.

WEBSITE: https://www.tripleyothreat.com/

“Always Lookin’ Fly as Fuck” is very groove-oriented, and from where I sit, I think it’s probably the most swing that TripleYoThreat has put into a single in his career thus far. He isn’t holding back from attacking the microphone with just as much moxie as the lyrics themselves contain, and although there isn’t anything over-aggressive about his execution, there’s no question that his intensity is what puts the additional positivity into the mix here. Mood is everything in hip-hop, and most western pop music for that matter, and it’s an important weapon this rapper utilizes in every battle he enters.

The video for “Always Lookin’ Fly as Fuck” is top shelf for sure, from the eye candy to the props, but I like its simplistic directorial concept overall. There’s so much overthinking in contemporary hip-hop that it’s often quite difficult to find anything that isn’t either in love with its own shadows or indulgent in all the wrong ways when it comes to music videos in 2020, but fans needn’t come into this release with any prerequisite fears. The soundtrack is the only true star here – aside from TripleYoThreat, who visually lives up to the title of this track and then some.

Though the bass in this single is pretty big and brawny, it’s more than manageable for this rapper. If anything, I think he could have dealt with an even more textured percussive presence and sounded just as adept with the mic in his hands; the drums can be a little punishing on the back half of the mix, but because of TripleYoThreat’s firm delivery up front, we never get an off-balance sound. Where a lot of his peers would dismiss the subtle details, this is one player who takes them more than a little seriously; they’re the bread and butter of his style and authenticity.

A fell-good track that dismisses the very notion of depression, TripleYoThreat’s “Always Lookin’ Fly as Fuck” is a single that could be just what a lot of us needed to hear more than anything else this season. We’re reminded not to sweat the small stuff in these lyrics, and through the buoyant beat we’re encouraged to step with a swagger befitting someone who has it together (in one way or another, at least). Motivational melodies can do the soul some serious good every now and again, and that’s especially true of this smooth new jam.

Mindy McCall



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