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“Bora Bora” by Charlie Alpha Papa

A bold step in the right direction – “Bora Bora” is an announcement to the music community that there’s a new force in town when it comes to new talent Charlie Alpha Papa. Born Michael Capshaw, he likes to be called Cap. But to his followers, he’s not new – he’s been putting in the work for decades, releasing over 10 albums. “Bora Bora” tackles the relationship (oceanic) blues and moves the listener closer to Cap’s personality and what is weighing on this Albuquerque son’s heart.  

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“Bora Bora” balances out Cap’s emotional delivery. He does his best to not beg his paramour to return to the way it was, back to the boat in Bora Bora. Cap’s song sculpting skills shine when he glides along sprinkled soundwaves and drop beats. As his song unfolds, a playful music bed transitions to a darker, moodier music bed. The compelling lyrics and way Cap lays out the track move the listener into a full-on focus mode. Take me back to Bora Bora, he sings in the chorus, with almost a loud whisper. The music bed underneath him creaking and the ratchet-like sound of a guiro. Keep moving forward, the music portrays. Try and move past this, it echoes.

His words convey a different story – he can’t move forward. He wants to go back. The opposing forces happening is not as dramatic as one would think, but the igniting music bed is an interesting touch. Cap’s voice is affectionate. He might even be asking for forgiveness. He’s developed “Bora Bora” into a smooth R&B textured song, but it could very well be a pop track. He adds layers of different mixes and motion, giving the listener an itch to slow dance. I appreciated that he didn’t mimic or try to be literal with the Polynesian Island sounds – his music bed and his story never crosses over into Corny Island. “Bora Bora” compels the listener to feel as though they are with Cap and his woman, but it’s not a necessity. He gives ample space for the listener to try out a few resorts of their own. He juggles with the listener’s imagination. It’s not a huge leap for the listener, but it gives ample time to test the temperature in some different waters.

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“Bora Bora” stands out as well-produced 2020 track. Cap lures in listeners with his hook of a chorus and masterful music base. While his own voice doesn’t share the same melodic tones as the music, nonetheless his chorus tattoos itself to your brain. The more I listened to the track, the more I really thought of him as a really good guy. I was rooting for him. His voice resonates, adding to his growing artistic achievement. Listeners wanting to dive deeper into Cap’s discography should take note of his previous albums, including InSidE OuT, DeCapitated and the singles “When You Come Home” and “Neverland”. As much as Cap yearns to be back, the tone of “Bora Bora” calls for the need to be here and now. “Bora Bora” is from the album Part of Me.

Mindy McCall

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