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Exclusive Interview with DAR RA

Welcome! So nice to chat with you today! Tell us about your EPs that you have released. 

Can I firstly thank you for your interest in the Music and Book releases that I’ve been putting out. Your interest keeps Independent Music alive and well, while giving the world the chance to hear Music and Art that has not been compromised by an agenda. We are in the dying throes of an old world order that kept the words of the millions of artists silent in order to project a narrative that stopped people asking questions about the world and its environment.

The EPs that you ask about have been released on my label Kusha Deep Records, the first was held back due to The Covid experience which is called ‘Whisky N Honey; a dark tale about putting money over love, the character ends up living in a empty neon fantasy while his family make it on their own.  There is also a remix of a track called ‘The Lights’ done by a Sri Lankan producer called Vidula who captured the mood of the track to create the ultimate Rock Step track. Rock Step is a genre that mixes Rock and EDM and was a term I coined with a guy called Harvey Summers who co produced the new ‘Kinda Normal Album’ with me and is out on the usual platforms. ‘The Lights’ was written as a tribute to Robin Williams and prays that someone will be there for You in your moment of Darkness to keep a Light on for You.

The second EP is titled ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ and was written after seeing the Key Workers holding the line during the Pandemic or Plandemic as some people are suggesting. Whatever your theory is those guys who stayed at their posts and faced whatever was coming down the line, deserve more than a round of applause. I felt the need to honour them with something we could remember their efforts by.

There is also a killer remix of The Beat again by Vidula which is the sound of revolution. Originally written about us sleep walking into Corporate Wars, the remix sounds like the internal wars that have manifested on our streets in the summer. All voices must be listened to but ultimately the biggest challenge we face is how much time we have left on the planet as we as a species are unsustainable at the level of consumption we take and the rate we give back, is point zero in comparison. If you’re a fan of the Rock N Roll band L7 you’ll know what I mean, they were dropping mind bombs about the planet and its future back in the 90s.

Where did you grow up?

 I was born in Dublin Ireland in the height of the Troubles, ironically my father had an English accent due to being educated in England, as his father was a bacteriologist and had moved to London to set up a practice. He actually ended up discovering a flu vaccine which saved a lot of lives during WW2. My father tried to move back to Ireland after his death but found it harder to fit in and he decided it safer to move back to England which is where I grew up.

For all its complicated past, this country has always giving me a safe place to express myself and allow ideas to harvest. The English are cool once you understand how they work.

What inspires your music?

I just met someone on FB who is an amazing artist from Australia who is dying of cancer. We have been speaking about her art on a daily basis and her insights are mind blowing to say the least. She tells me of her inter dimensional travels and how she shes the future on the earth, and it really opens my mind to what is possible. Her complete acceptance of her situation and her non stop push to create brings tears to my eyes. People, places and moments are keys to my music frameworks. Allow life to open your eyes and see what is really real, then let the Music flow.

What do you hope listeners feel after they hear the new music? 


If you could collaborate with any artist this year, who would it be?


How have you been spending your time during quarantine?

I’ve been writing, recording, doing online shows and staying alive.

Where can we check out your music and connect with you on social media?







e- kushadeep@yahoo.co.uk

Spotify Dar.Ra

For Press Inquiries:  Bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com
And More Info:  bsquaredmgmt.com

End of Interview



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