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OK Mayday release new Single-Video

In their latest single and music video, titled “Blossoms,” OK Mayday deliver a soft, vocal-driven pop tune that is arguably as hypnotic as it is harmony-filled, and though it’s not the only song of its kind to debut this summer, it’s absolutely one of the more memorable to land on my desk recently. OK Mayday don’t care what your preconceived notions of what a pop single should look and sound like in “Blossoms;” they’re following a postmodern path all their own here, and administering the general public with a sonic anesthesia that I wouldn’t expect to hear out of an underground source. 

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There’s a lot of emphasis on the beat in this mix, and I can definitely see why. On multiple levels, the underlying groove in “Blossoms” is what shapes the mood of the music, and had it not been given quite as much room to breathe as it was in this setting, I don’t know that this song would have felt like the anthemic statement of self that it does today. Here, OK Mayday sound as though they’re proclaiming everything they are to us through the majesty of a multilayered melody, which makes this the kind of release that requires a little extra TLC in the studio. 

I really like the psychedelic-tinged stylization of the melodies, especially as we get into the hook in the chorus of “Blossoms.” Personally, this is an aspect of their sound that I would really like to hear them explore a little further than they already have in this track, as they undeniably approach the aesthetic with the kind of conservative songwriting techniques that tend to draw the most out of it. There’s nothing non-contributive to the colorful harmonies and rhythmic pulsations that comprise this track at its core, which isn’t something that can be said for every pop song out this July. 

The video for “Blossoms” and the single by itself both sport an amazing production quality that doesn’t sacrifice any elements of OK Mayday’s original artistry for the type of pop-friendly features of accessibility that a lot of other acts would just as soon create an entire LP around. For this band, breaking away from the trends that their contemporaries seem to get hung up on without rhyme or reason has been working for their material so far, and in this latest studio recording, it sounds like they aren’t changing their go-it-alone style anytime soon – thankfully. 

OK Mayday are keeping things very interesting this summer, and if you haven’t already taken the time out to do so, I would recommend seeing what they’re up to in the new music video for “Blossoms.” Though they’re not playing with major label money, this is a band that can be counted on for high quality harmonies and sophisticated beats that are just as rousing as anything on your FM dial today. I like their direction, and if you love top shelf indie pop, I’ve got a strong feeling you’re going to share my sentiments. 

Mindy McCall



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