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Greye releases new Inspirational Single

Nothing in life is guaranteed. A follow-up to the band Greye’s April release “Lucky”, that’s the message from the new hit “So Far So Good”. Part rock and progressively interesting, “So Far So Good” finds the Florida band once again chasing the indie music charts. While time will tell if this new track will climb its way to the top, one thing that listeners can bet on is that Greye rocks.

Hannah Summer, Greye’s singer and lyricist for “So Far So Good” delivers a knock-out performance. Fans of the band’s previous songs like “Lucky” and even 2019’s funky, bluesy “Crusade” (from the album Under The Weather), know full well that her vocals allow her complete control. Her mezzo-soprano voice is just the right temperature for a track submerged in electric guitar. The guitarist, Jett Wolfe, keeps the listener guessing with change-ups, mid-tempo thrills and even bellowing tones. The storyline – which could be interpreted in several ways – zeros in on the band’s relentless artistic journey. They may not have fame and fortune, but they are ready to push a little more.

What makes “So Far So Good” so enthralling is that lyrically it does favor a relationship scenario, but the song evokes numerous outcomes. I’m still cleaning up your mess, at least it’s getting clean, sings Summer, then singing talking like old friends. Her chorus structure, whereas sometimes she loops her own previously recording vocals, is I don’t know much anymore, but I know what I’m in for, so far so good, is brilliant. The duality and the synergy between Wolfe’s guitar and Summers’ fresh vocals is lighting in a bottle. The drum work, from percussionist Ray Grimard, is under estimated. I think he could do more in this song, but the heavy guitar work creates the unique harmony in its own right. I also think the behind-the-scenes work from the bass guitar (Josh Reid) and keyboardist Ken-e- Williams, doesn’t shine quite as bright as they have in previous songs (especially in 2017’s “Big Fish” (from the album Windows). I’m not saying they were bad, on the contrary, I just didn’t feel the same vibe in “So Far So Good” and all ears seemed to be on Summer and Wolfe. Wolfe’s guitar just lingered with me for days…it’s as if Jimi Hendrix himself infused his visionary talents into Wolfe’s guitar.

“So Far So Good” does give the listener a rush. Summer’s confidence and sophisticated swing is invigorating. I could totally see this song being placed into a movie or montage. I think it could easily be a full-time working parent’s mantra. Life is good so far if you’ve made it this far. Be thankful for what is going in right in your life and stop focusing on the negative. “Lucky” rose to the top of the World Indie Music Chart Top 200 and landed at No. 15 on the DRT Top 50 Rock Airplay Chart – I think my crystal ball predicts a very similar outcome for “So Far So Good”. It’s got the legs to go big.

Mindy McCall

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