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Ben DeHan releases “Timberlake Road”

In one of his most ambitious sounding tracks yet, rocker Ben DeHan leads an anthemic plea in “Timberlake Road”. Drawing from a deep well of electric drums and Dashboard Confessional-like vocals, DeHan’s knack for creating a wall of sound busts through like high beams on an abandoned highway road. His struggle is ours to gain – the listener is immersed with the pop rock riffs and lyrical hooks as his storyline unfolds.


Creating a music bed full of raw guitar and strong rhythms, the bass guitar might be subtle, but the song’s motion is far from it. Even if this were just an instrumental track, the song’s atmospheric reaches beg to be cranked at the highest volume levels. DeHan, who is based in Baltimore, Maryland, creates art that (perhaps unintentionally) transports the listener to a memory or place. The song’s movement is astounding and the weave of electronica and rock guitars shifts the listener in a forward motion. Pressing and lifting, the music bed elevates the listener’s emotional thermometer.


From a lyrical standpoint, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, DeHan is yearning to be back in time, back to when things weren’t painful. Your face believes I’m lying, he sings, indicating that there are trust issues. He’s trying to explain himself. I’m just a critic in a syndicated would full of cynical lovers, he continues. Say it gets better, he bleeds. Rooted in a rock front man’s delivery, DeHan’s voice possesses remorse and sensitivity. His voice swells with honesty and sincerity. A very relatable journey, DeHan’s story is a relationship on the brink. The listener might also take this song more inwards, and have nostalgic feelings. When things are rough, or anxious, some people falter or retreat to the moment prior to change. I think he creates this tone, and re-creates a mood of wanting things the way they were. Return to normalcy takes on different meanings for different personality types. I think DeHan is fully aware of this and is speaking from his own heart, but savvy and artistic to sing from a different purview. DeHan channels the synthetic sounds and pours in his creations – it’s astoundingly fluid. As a listener, I felt a floating sensation, and at the same time, the urge to run a marathon. It invigorates just as much as it cleanses. In a rock realm lens, it doesn’t get better, and it’s obvious his tenure as guitarist for American Diary and stage time on the Vans Tour served him well.


“Timberlake Road” follows DeHan’s recent “Life Goes On” release. Maintaining a song about a relationship, I think what makes “Timberlake Road” a broader, larger scale song is the backing music and more emotional delivery. Long-time fans will not be disappointed. New listeners will gladly take this stepping stone and fall into DeHan’s discography all the way back to 2016’s “Float Away”. Consistently pushing boundaries, DeHan’s core sound is rock and pop. Fans of Angles & Airwaves, The Gaslight Anthem and even Third Eye Blind will gravitate towards DeHan’s unique sonic hybrid.

Mindy McCall



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