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“Rapture” by Twin Sisters Lavendine

As most people know, twins have a special bond that no other people on the planet – other siblings included – can claim, and in their new single “Rapture,” the twin sisters in Lavendine show us that this bond impacts artistry quite a bit. Lavendine’s sound is structured around concepts that require two singers to pull an equal amount of weight, and in “Rapture,” we get to hear just how mighty a mountain this pair can move when they’ve got the right sonic weapons to do so. There’s a lot of strife going on in the world, but if you’re in the mood for a little optimism this summer, this is one adult contemporary act I’d recommend checking out before all others. 

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There a lot of intensity to the guitars here, but I think this was necessary to facilitate the epic chorus, especially with regards to the instrumental construction of the hook. As much as Lavendine like to rely on their vocal abilities to seal the deal, there’s a lot of instrumental faceting holding up their throttling lyrics in the forefront of the mix. They’ve got a balanced technique, and that starts and ends with their carefully thought-out arrangement of “Rapture.” 

The percussive elements aside, everything in this single has a heady physicality that makes it pretty hard to avoid the melodic blows that are delivered by both the vocalists and the string players supporting the harmony from the rear. I really like that there aren’t any synthesized low-end tones getting in the way of our enjoying the burn on the string section (and particularly the electric guitar parts), and even with the vocals serving as the star of the show, they don’t make it impossible for us to connect with the emotional twist in the instrumental melody at all. 

I can definitely understand why Lavendine have been charting as well on the adult contemporary radio charts in 2020 with “Rapture” as they have been, and I don’t think it’s solely because of their lack of competition in the genre. Their natural talent, and the way they’re choosing to avoid forcing the gospel theme in the lyrics here, is probably what gives them the sharpest edge against their closest rivals in and out of the American underground this summer, and if they keep this as their main formula, I think they’ll continue to see growth among this audience and that of a burgeoning crossover pop movement as well. 

There’s still a lot of room for growth, but right now I think Lavendine need to be considered one of the more palatable and morally-conscious groups to score a hit with their single “Rapture” this August. This is an amazing offering that doesn’t pose as a pop song with a lot of religiously-imposing lyricism – it’s the opposite, in all honesty. It’s a lot harder to make a CCM single that secular fans can dig as well, but for these two musicians, it seems a lot easier than it has been for most any of their young contemporaries. 

 Mindy McCall



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