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Natalie Otto sings in her new single “Beyond The Blue”

But the place you are right now, I’m sure has a better view, singer/songwriter Natalie Otto sings in her new single, “Beyond The Blue”. Heartfelt and contemplative, “Beyond The Blue” is partly a cautionary tale to really live for today and embrace your loved ones. It’s also a ‘thank you’ to the people that bring un-ending joy to our lives; it’s as if they know their time is short and they focus on what’s most important.

MORE ON NATALIE OTTO: https://www.natalieotto.com/

Otto, who hails from Huntingdon, Penn., is now based in Maryland. Her and her husband have three children, and being a busy mom and professional, Otto has re-discovered her spark for music. Part of what makes “Beyond The Blue” so special is knowing everything Otto has done to sacrifice for her music. Otto’s voice is pure and porcelain-like. She has a hue of Emmylou Harris and flint of Natalie Merchant (10,000 Maniacs) running through her voice. She’s incredibly unique and when she sings whoah, whoah, why’d you have to go, the listener can almost touch the mourning pouring from her voice. The honey-dipped guitar running its course in the music undertow is the perfect companion for Otto’s voice. It bolsters her presence even more so, and is a nice reflection to the sadness, and hopeful joy emitting from her vocals. It just waits its turn, like a slow moving stream, filling the spaces where her voice convalesces. The guitar, I think, gives the song a more twang tone.

Her voice leads me down the roots rock path, but it also could easily be Christian or folk. Besides the afore mentioned (Harris, Merchant), Otto pulls me back to Jewel comparisons on each listen. She doesn’t quite have the same octave range (in this song, per se), but I think she presents “Beyond The Blue” in such an emotional journey, it’s hard to not feel like you’re right there, across the coffee house table listening. She’s like a friend that just needs a shoulder to cry upon. Otto has an instant rapport with her listeners that has a two-way trust. “Beyond The Blue” comes across as extremely personal, yet it’s 100% relatable. We all have lost someone close to us that we still communicate with when we stare up at a clear, blue sky. This song might bring many to tears. It’s certainly a sentimental and emotional journey.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/beyond-the-blue-single/1495426133

On the first listen, I thought I wanted more out of the music bed. I was wrong. After a few more listens, she really could have just sang a cappella. Otto is magnetic. Her open-diary lyrics reflect an artist that is brave enough to be vulnerable. Otto sings in a most achingly beautiful linear pattern. It’s the chorus that circles the heart, hugging the listener on each listen. Most importantly, “Beyond The Blue” features an artist that is genuine and speaks to the human condition. Natalie Otto might be a newcomer, or late to the party, but her voice feels like it’s been there, next to us, all along.

Mindy McCall



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